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Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
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(and even not make my Top Read this year, I can't forget the story. Especially the hero, Blade)

Great debut from Bec McMaster! Who is... Australian author. I think some authors from the southern continent are blessed, eh? :) We must show love for Australian authors, since they can be the next big thing.

Honoria Todd must flee from her patronize noble, the Duke Vickers and Echelon, the high authority of London (or alternate London) which are blue blood. Blue blood is someone who tainted by virus that result in almost immortality, but make them must drink blood. They're not vampire, since vampire is the most despised creature in London. But they have chance to become one when their infected blood level become too high. Honoria then go to the Whitechapel, live in poverty with her siblings, Lena and Charlie, that infected with the virus but Honoria try to hide that fact since she afraid the Echelon will punish and kill him.. She go to Blade,one of blue blood, the Devil of Whitecapel and the leader of the rookeries, to protection. Honoria must swallow her pride, since for Blade's protection, the bargain she must pay is too much. She will become his thrall or blood donor.

Whitechapel is in shock after an unknown vampire running amok between them and kill so many people. Blade with his loyal follower, a verwulven (or werewolf) Will chase the vampire, since its so dangerous. Honoria herself try to search her diaries in attempt to continue her father's work, to make the virus vaccine. So the blue blood can avoid the Fade, the event that turn them to become vampire. Thing get worse when Charlie can't resist his desire to drink blood. Honoria that feel is her responbility to take care and protect her siblings, took all burden in her shoulder, must trust Blade to help her. So many lies between them, with Honoria constantly reject Blade even she desire him, Blade try hard to win Honoria. Since she might be his only salvation. And when the vampire's attack getting worse and Vickers land his eyes on Honoria, Blade will do anything to save her from Vickers, and from the darkness inside him.

I'm afraid I will not enjoy this since steampunk is not my favorite genre.All that airship, diringibles, machine and any term that make my head hurt! Glad the steampunk not the play biggest part in this book (even for some steampunk fans, maybe they will disappointed to see how pretty little the steampunk element was). The world that Ms McMaster created is rich even not too original. Why I think its not too original? I think its have the same vibe with Trinity Blood, a Japanese manga about vampire, that have same idea, vampire created by virus. But well, maybe its just me. She make nice twist about vampire, the hierarchy of blue blood at Echelon that consist of 7 House of noble,the history behind the creation of blue blood also Blade's revolution again the Echelon that make him famous as Devil of Whitechapel. I can said this book happen in Victorian era, even the queen is not Victoria, since Ms McMaster create a fictional queen that controlled by her prince consort who is blue blood.

Ms McMastes also write a heroine who is ass kicking. Honoria sometimes frustated me with her constantly rejection toward Blade. I mean, Blade is handsome and he also willing to help Honoria. But Honoria is full of distrust, especially toward blue blood (and Blade is one of them). Glad she have her sister, Lena who remind her that the burden is not her alone to take. Honoria also strong, she not coward when it comes to fighting. Her relationship with her half brother, Leo Barrons is complicated. But I can feel Leo will play important part in the next book.

And don't forget there's a hero who swoon and sighworthy that is Blade. Even I found it hard to understand what Blade said, since he almost talk with his cockney accent for the entire book! Its confused me you know. Blade is cocky and arrogant bastard, but he care. He's alpha to the core but he understand Honoria more than she understand herself. His past is hard and its threaten him to succumb to the darkness, but he fight it with all his will. I also like how Ms McMaster write the sex scene. The first feeding scene between Honoria and Blade is bordering erotic. I talk about bondage and femoral artery here ;). There's some almost mild m/m scene between Blade and his verwulfen , Will Carver. When Will feed him. Why I said almost, because the feeding is very sensual, and Will not accustomed to women (since his mother abandoned him), so his feeling to Blade sometimes is more than respect. But, Will with meet his match in this book, Lena Todd and his book is the next,Heart of Iron. I can't wait how Will will solve his problem.

The story is confusing for the first since I hardly understand about blue blood, but then become fast paced and have some action afterward. There's also some emotional scenes between Honoria and Blade. If you like a new twist of vampire and paranormal world,an alternate London with some steampunk element, you will love Kiss of Steel.

Note : Can't help imagining Paul Marron as Blade, but if only they make his hair nearly white blonde. He do a good job to become Lothaire who is have white hair :P.
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0.0% "Nah, steampunk is not my favorite genre, but hope this one not heavy on steampunk." 2 comments
10/27/2012 page 155
34.0% "Blade always talk using.cockney accent. So hard to understand what he said. I think its the most difficult accent after Scotland brogue."
10/27/2012 page 238
53.0% "Bondage? And sucking blood in femoral artery? If I become Honoria, I will not protest when a hot guy like Blade suck me in my thigh (yes, I know I'm so easy)"

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Kat (idangerous) *drools* Oh! YES!! GIVE ME NOW!!

Kylie Griffin Paul Marron - awesome cover artist!

message 3: by Ren (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ren I just bought this, and surprised to find it so thick! (400++ pages ). Can't wait to read it :)

Kat (idangerous) o.o wow! 400+ pages?!

Lady Heather Great review, Ren! This has been on my TBR pile for's definitely going to be moved up thanks to your review :)

message 6: by Ren (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ren Lady Heather wrote: "Great review, Ren! This has been on my TBR pile for's definitely going to be moved up thanks to your review :)"

Thanks, Lady Heather! :D You will love this one. I like the world that the author created. So unique :)

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