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What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn
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Apr 29, 12

Read from April 28 to 29, 2012

My, my. Did I needed to read something just like this. Last night I was a little bummed out because of school and stuff and I wasn't doing anything productive. It had been over two weeks that I could sit and try to read something that wasn't school related. And to be honest I have a to-read list since last year, but as always, when I get a new book I just want to read it immediately, so I have a lot of books waiting. But I do not regret reading this one...IN ONE NIGHT! I just couldn't stop. I wasn't even finish with the second paragraph when I was already hooked! And the whole ride I had that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach.

Sebastian, this amazing guy that just didn't believe in love or falling in love or anything related to love because he had a difficult time every time his mom broke up with the newest boyfriend or end up a marriage. So he wasn't a believer, and that is just so original,right? It is because Sebastian, he is a good guy, a very good guy and not only talking about his good looks, he protected his friends with iron fist. Losing some hook-ups on the way, it didn't matter, Jaden, his best mate, Pris, the sharp tongued girl and, of course, Aspen, the daughter of a hippie couple that was just his best friend since ever. But living with his mom, that was a complete believer of true love, didn't came without consequences. With time he learned his fair share of knowledge about relationships and everything someone needed to do to get the perfect hook up, so he became the Hook-up Doctor. Helping girls getting the guy they wanted helped him perfect his game and the money was much appreciated, and it always is when you want to afford your own car, isn't it? So that how he lived, hooking up whenever he wanted, hanging out with his friends whenever they could and just be. But Bastian doesn't know that is about to change. His latest client, a PA rocks (a privacy policy of his) makes a deal with him, so it will be the usual, he receives the money, she receive the tips, when she gets the guy he gets paid off and everyone happy. Or so he thought.
While everything is going smoothly with his client, things are changing with his friends, particularly with Aspen, and he does not why. First it was Jaden's comment on Aspen's butt, and now she, although Aspen is no different at first sight, whenever he doesn't talk to her or hang out with her or just when he is with her he feels rather strange himself, noticing things he didn't before. when did she had her hair looks so smooth, and why hadn't he notice how she smelled, and why can't he concentrate on an every day hook up, and why can't he stand seeing her talking with other guys.It was just so damned confusing. And then, BOOM, he got it, he was in love, or at least thought he was, but it was a very strong feeling, too strong and real to be just a mirage, and he wanted to kiss her so badly, touch her in a very different way to the way he did before. He didn't want to treat her as any other hook up, it was Aspen after all,he wanted to protect her from every harm. He definitely wanted to protect her, yeah, it must be love. And how to tell your best friend you love her in a very unfriendly way, that you want to be with her, that you want her? It's not going to be easy but he will think of something.
So, one day, before the leave for the coast to celebrate Pris' birthday, he checked his Hook Up Doctor account to see if PA Rocks had some success after he told her some tips of his and what he finds out is very much a surprise. PA Rocks is Aspen, and Aspen likes him, she's been trying to hook up with him. And he couldn't feel any happier and this trip is just the opportunity he need. Nd to make a long story short, because I want you to read all the unmentioned details, he gets the girl, but decides to do the only gentlemanly thing he knows, to brake up with her so she won't be hurt if what they felt was only a passing thing.
And well, here you go, find out if he recovers the girl, discover the real reason Aspen contacted the Hook Up Doctor.

And for the ending, I think I got a hint of a possible follow up story, and if is not, I want to demand a follow up book, and I may or may not mean a follow up on Sebastian and Aspen's story. ;)
Please! Read it. I don't think all my stomach twisting was just because I didn't eat dinner. The rumors are real. Where are the guys like Sebastian?
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04/28/2012 "Is her,you idiot! From the e-mail! With the very first paragraph he got me! Sebastian..."
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04/29/2012 "OH.MY.GOD! That last paragraph of chapter heart totally stopped! WOW!"
04/29/2012 "We found why is this book still going? Stop! NOW!...never thought I would say that, ever."
04/29/2012 "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There is just so much that I can take...but I want more!!! :P"

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