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Saving You, Saving Me by Kailin Gow
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Apr 20, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

After reading Saving You, Saving me I find this the perfect title to fit the story put forth. A wonderfully delivered contemporary romance suitable for adult teens and all adults .

In Saving you , Saving me - Kailin Gow has included several aspects in this read - social issues - from sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, bullying, peer pressure, and demons in closets . Even though this story is fiction, these above points happen in everyday life. Very realistic and true to life.

Its heart warming and heart wrenching at times, you may lose a tear or two after hearing Daggers story. It makes you think not to always take face value on anything or anyone. Someone you may seem to be all together on the outside may have issues in life, way past you’re your mind can imagine. Take time to listen and be there, a simple phone call can be all it takes. Kailin is putting forth this in her storyline, that someone is always there to listen. Privacy and confidentially an important factor.

Colin came across as a wealthy business man, successful, * SEXY* handsome and yet a very tortured soul. Being brought up on the streets, Colin has been lucky later in life to have earned his million but the only thing he truly wants in life is love. But his past comes back to haunt him from being with the one he truly loves. Boundaries are pushed and Sam is not sure how far things can go between her and Colin. This alone affects the relationship between them causing rifts and questions.

Colin meets Sam - innocent, 18 , very caring and loving, very mature for her age and she is willing to sit for hours and talk, on the help line in hopes that her words can save a soul or lead them in the right direction. In doing so she finds help also from one of her Callers ** Daggers ** Meets Derek, forms friendships and forms a bond with ** Dagger** - she finds talking to him is also Saving her .

Kailin Gow has put forth many points in this story, that will certainly make the reader think. I know After I read this story, I was still heartbroken at the outcome, but know that the next book will give us some answers. I cant wait to see in which direction she takes us.

The dialogue and storyline flows smoothly, an intriguing contemporary romance filled with wonderfully scripted characters, sexy and well thought out storyline of two souls needing each other to be saved. Characters Im sure you will fall in love with , and a storyline that will keep you reading till you have passed the last page.
The concept behind it is heart-warming, the love is sweet yet romantic and the dynamics of the storyline well put forth. The emotions that Kailin has put forth are well scripted and well described, I thoroughly enjoy a read, where I feel like I am within the pages and can envisage everything I read !

There is a website developed for the social issues put forth in this story feel free to check this out via Kailins website.
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