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The Liminal People by Ayize Jama-Everett
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Apr 16, 12

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Read in April, 2012

not bad for a first novelistic effort. i had higher hopes for it at the beginning than proved out, but there was still a lot to like.

one: it starts in africa. wishing deeply for more sf not from the US or britain, so i was happyhappyhappy. even if the main character is american, at least he's not your standard white guy, and fortunately he's not even white. and he lives in morocco.

i do wish the narrative had stayed there, but alas, we had to go to london.

and our protag himself... he starts out a definitely confused guy. he's got powers he doesn't fully understand, or know what to do with. he's fundamentally a thrall to an even more weird moroccan, doing the boss-man's bidding even tho he doesn't always like it.

and then he gets the call... and we're off to london. where the story becomes sort of a missing-person mystery.

genre-bending, all to the good! i'm still happy, altho not happy to have left morocco. our protag is called to a former love's aid, and he goes. and we have a couple of clunky scenes, and a downright weird description or two (a woman's breasts "flowing" struck me as particularly odd. just how do a woman's breasts flow? i would think that would be pretty icky.).

and then.... things blow up! mayhem starts! R-E-V-E-N-G-E!!!!!!!!!

most of the mayhem is handled pretty well, altho our body-guru seems to lose track of his testosterone levels with alarming regularity. the end is left a bit open, no doubt for the sequels on their way.

i do hope when the sequels hit the presses, the author will have taken more time with them. by which i mean, relaxed. thrown in some stuff that doesn't move the plot along. he's actually pretty good at making whole people, but in a book like this, that just makes a person want more of the whole person, not just the superpowers and the things-blowing-up and the cosmic war in the offing. so... here's hoping.
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