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Matched by Ally Condie
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Apr 17, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

My Review:
For Sixteen year old Cassia... She has always trusted the Society to make the right choices for her.. What to eat, what to wear, what to read, what to watch, when to die and what to believe in....

So when her best friend Xander's face appears on the screen at the Matching ceremony... She is more then certain that he might be the one chosen to be her mate... But that all changes, when another face flashes for just an instant before the screen fades black... Ky Markham... She thought it might be a mistake or just a momentary malfunction, except for one thing.... The other face that wasn't Xander... She knows him too....

The Society tells her not to worry, that it's only a glitch, a rare malfunction and focus more on a happy future with Xander.. And forget all about Ky... But there's just one problem... She can't stop thinking of Ky and the both of them are slowly falling in love with each other...

And the more time she spends with Ky, the more Cassia learns the truth about the Society and begins to doubt and question the Society's infallibility... So toward the end... Cassia will have to make a impossible choice.. Between a life with Xander, a boy that she has known all her life.. Or a life with Ky, a boy that she has lost her heart and soul for.. While leaving behind the only life she has ever known, toward a new path that no one else has dared to follow....

This book was amazing... I really enjoyed how poetic Matched was and how interesting Cassia's world is.. In a world where a Society that has control over everything... Like what you should eat, what to wear, what to read, what to watch, when to die and what to believe in.... While having these special Matching ceremony... When the Society picks every girl and boy at the age of sixteen, to be Match with their mate for life...

My Thoughts:

-I really enjoy the charcters in this book too.. They were all so interesting read about... Like Cassia... When the day of her Matching, which will test her and change everything she believes in... Because, instead of having one boy's face on the Matching screen there's two..

-And also how in the end.. Cassia will learn the truths about what the Society stands for and will also have to make hard choices between the two boys.. Ky or Xander... While choosing between to fellow the path for what the Society has plain for her... Or to fellow her heart....

-So yeah.. I really enjoy Matched by. Ally Condie.. I do admit that before I started Matched.. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but I was wrong.. Because I fell in love with it.. It had me smile cry and at times almost burst unto tears with the beautiful words of the forbidden poems that Cassia learns about in the book.. And that ending.. Oh.. My... Gosh.. Now I can't wait to read the second book

-And I give this book 5/5 stars..

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