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Warriors and Wenches by J.T. Macleod
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Apr 16, 2012

liked it
Read from April 16 to 25, 2012

Summary of each story and Tara’s thoughts:
Magical accountancy isn’t Hollywood’s most exciting profession.
But when numeromancer Karlyn Summers finds a handsome
knight unconscious in her basement, she’s forced to find creative
new uses for her skills.

While I enjoyed the wicked sense of humor prevalent through this story I didn’t quite buy the plot, even if the sex was titillating. C

Danger and desire in ancient Japan. A warrior monk must defeat
demons, bandits and a devastating plague to win the heart of a

Loved this one! Romance, great characters (and a very unusual main hero), gripping tension and a menacing, horrifying enemy. I kept thinking about this story days after I read it! A

Horse Thief
Scottish rebel Black Angus steals horses and cattle just to survive,
but the girl who loves him has another admirer--the man who
holds Angus’s very life in his hands.

The glossary was helpful, but it made this story hard to read, as I had to keep going back to the beginning anytime I came to a word I couldn’t guess the meaning of. I’d recommend for future works to just include the words that could be understood and leave out the rest.
I didn’t like this story at first, but the wonderful plot twist halfway through caught me by surprise and made me root for the feisty heroine. Good ending! B+

Wings of Fire
World War II. A captured American pilot brings a German officer’s
wife into a conflict between duty and desire, and the shattering
choice between love and death.

Enjoyable, but not as riveting as the two previous stories, though I did like the historical details from the WWII era. B-

Gulliver Redux
In an unknown erotic episode from Gulliver’s Travels our hero
rescues a giantess from a brutal beating, and discovers that size
really does matter.

This is/was the weirdest erotic tale I have read to date, but it was well done proportionally, with descriptive erotic scenes B-

Tara's Overall opinion:
Some punctuation errors, and a couple grammatical errors, like present tense suddenly in a past tense passage, etc., took away slightly from the story, but wasn’t an impediment to enjoying this book. I give kudos to the author, who was able to switch historical periods and cultures, complete with nice historical details added into each story. He also clearly knows his way around the bedroom, as the sex scenes were pleasing and convincing. Yet while I liked this anthology, I didn’t love it, though I did adore the Oni story! B-

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