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Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard
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Apr 16, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from April 15 to 16, 2012

WOW. My first ever 'backpacking adventure' book and it was awesome. Not in a funnier than hell, can't believe they did that kind of way (which is what you might expect, because that's what hollywood does with a story like this one) - but in a wow, so true, wow, sounds great, wow she learned something, wow, love the characters (read ROWAN) kind of way.

I haven't read this author's previous YA book because the storyline sounded a little young, so I am pleased she wrote this book - because otherwise i would have never known what an awesome writer she is. Kirsten Hubbard is definitely on my watch list from here on out. Amazing. That's what Wanderlove is.

Okay, for the bigger details.

Bria has a ton of emotional baggage and more 'a truck load of problems' than a 'life plan'. But she's persevering. When her two best friends cancel their planned trip to Europe together at the last second, the one she'd been thinking about all year one way or another, she decides to take a trip to Central America. Alone. With a prearranged tour group - who turn out to be a billion years old and itinerary dependent. Then she meets Star and her brother Rowan, who persuade her to try traveling another way: backpacking. I thought the beginning was great, very natural and kind of a relief from all the straightforward novels out there - where the main lead knows exactly what she's doing, where she's headed, what she wants. Bria knows none of these things on page one, by the end of the novel she knows every single bit of it.

I liked how this book and its destinations and characters (even Bria) just seemed to grow and expand in my mind as the novel continued. I was pretty obsessed with the world Kirsten created while reading this novel, because every chapter gave me something new to think about. 'What happens next?' was a running mantra in my head - and it's pretty much only great books, with awesome characters, that ever do that to me. Thus, the five star rating.

I've never been into guys with pony tails, but Rowan could change my mind anytime. He's a great hero, a little mysterious, problems of his own, nobel endeavours, not too serious, plays pranks, looks after his sister, etcetera. I don't complete this list, because I'm not entirely sure while he seemed like the perfect guy for Bria, but he did. They complemented each other, and he was swoon worthy to read about. Yep, I said it, swoon worthy. Boy do I have the bug.

If you want an awesome backpacking book with a sexy hero who's down to earth (i.e. not an angel/vampire/werewolf/warlock) then pick up this contemporary. It's my favourite so far this year. :)

Any quibbles? Could have been a few more characters. Just a tad more. People interest me! but then some of the depth of the novel might have been lost, and the pace, and... it might have been a lot longer. (That last one could never sound bad with a writer and a story of this calibre though.)

Thanks Kirsten for writing something that gave me so much enjoyment! (And those awesome illustrations scattered through the book! Particularly, thank you for saving Rowan's image for last.)

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