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Lawe's Justice by Lora Leigh
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Apr 16, 2012

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This story is about Lawe Justice, the other part on the law enforcer’s duo and twin brother of Rule Breaker (yes, those are their real names). The heroine is Diane, Jonas’ sister in law and a strong character who also happens to be a soldier.

Lawe and Diane know each other and they both know they are mates. Lawe has known for a while but their respective jobs have been in the middle of their relationsip. Now Diane is in change of looking for some people that can give them answers about a possible cure for Jonas and Rachel’s child (and Diane’s niece). But she is not the only one who is after those people, a rogue breed is on a killing spree and Diane is no safe. There is also some suspicion about Diane’s team because she has been having accidents in the past months and the evidence is pointing toward her own people as the culprits.

Lawe is not trilled about the risks that she is taking with her life and he no longer can fight the need to mate her. Diane is even less trilled about the mating because she considers female mates weak women caged just to keep them safe.

Their struggle to mate, Diane following a leak and Lawe following Diane to protect her, are the book’s focal points. It was refreshing and entertaining to read. The sex is super hot but their relationship is ever hotter and their dynamics interesting.

There is another subplot that is quite appealing: Gideon, the rogue breed. I think that we read about him a long time ago but I am no sure. Could he be the same one that Cassie encountered before? Anyway, his story is terrible. Others breeds have suffered but what he went through was beyond anything I could imagine. His POV serves as a complement to Lawe’s story. We also get some background from both characters. I am really looking forward to reading more about Gideon, and I hope he can get his much deserved HEA.

More than half of the story is set in Widow Rock, a Native American Reservation. In that town is where An Inconvenient Mate and Lawe’s Justice’s stories connect and it’s a hot spot for the Breed community right now. Some of the old characters are there visiting, which is a nice way to bring continuity to the series and to keep in touch.

Several things work beautifully in this book. First, we finally see a resemblance of a solution for Jonas and Rachael’s predicament. The way the female mates acted was also refreshing and just what Diane needed to witness in order to move on with the mating. Lawe and Diane as lead characters were also nice. Yes, there is hot sex and mating heat but that doesn’t necessarily cancels them as fighters or make them uneven participants in all that’s happening around them.

On the other hand, we still don’t have any of the story arcs previously introduced solved. And Ms. Leigh yet again creates a new story with Gideon as protagonist (although if Gideon is who I think it is, he is not exactly new to the series). On the plus side, this book gave me hope, hope that old plots will be solved soon.

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