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A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
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Apr 16, 2012

it was amazing

This book is huge. Like, it's super long, puts Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to shame long. As each chapter is narrated by a different character in this super complicated web of a tale, in this book some of the chapters begun overlapping. You see characters talking about other characters they've never met. Or one character hears a story about another character that you know to be totally untrue. It's...amazing and incredibly complicated. George RR Martin must have a TEAM of continuity editors, and the world's most complex flow charts. "Varys is the whisperer of the king, who really works for the queen, but also for Tyrion, who works for the queen, but also for himself, under the new king, who was once the old king's hand...." Don't let that scare you. A Storm of Swords is all action all the time. There are huge battles, kings and wars and one particular chapter that made me throw down the book in rage. I picked it back up again, put I was MAD. The marking of a true great read is when you actually CARE what happens. Of all the books, Storm of Swords is probably the best so far - it's epic, in truly every way.

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