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Lure by Brian Rathbone
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Apr 24, 2012

liked it
Read from April 16 to 21, 2012

Overall, this is a dandy book. Note that 3 stars does not stand for "hated it" but for "liked it."

Some things in it held back my enthusiasm. I sensed a lack of "femaleness" in both Sam and Shells. Since the author is named Brian, I can forgive it somewhat. I wonder, however, why not make Sam a guy. There's very little that she does that couldn't be done by a male.

The story is mostly straightforward. A young woman has experienced seeing a ghost and blabs to a town full of the worst backwoods rednecks to live in New Jersey. The nitwits call her names and make fun of her in ways befitting their double-digit IQs. She takes to drinking heavily (first page she wakes up with a hangover lying on the kitchen floor). She's become an outcast with nothing much to do with her life without a job, money, and very few friends. Speaking of which, Shells is a hard-core butch dyke. I have no problem with that, but I've never met a lesbian who treated women with such disrespect. Shells might as well have been one of the double-digit IQs.

Still, Shells stands up for Sam and helps her find a way to use her ability to see ghosts. Hey! Ghost Hunters! Why not?

In an investigation at a resort town by a manmade lake (called Lure), Sam doesn't get around to actually investigating much of anything since the equipment she needs to record ghostly voices or spectra hasn't arrived yet. So, she and Shells proceed to party. When a bunch of psychics show up at the lake, Sam finds she's not the only one to be lured (get it?) by Lake Lure.

Enough of the plot. The fun of reading is discovery.

Despite its flaws of character and plot, I read the whole book quickly. My good book radar won't let me finish a bad book (only my personal taste of what is bad), so I got to say I liked it.

I wouldn't discourage anybody from reading it. It's a bargain book on Amazon (only 99 cents). It's also the first in a series about Sam Flock, Paranormal Investigator.

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