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It's a Bird... by Steven T. Seagle
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Aug 27, 2008

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bookshelves: comics, dc, popular-culture, superhero

I wanted to like this more than I actually did. I love the idea of a comics writer making a graphic novel about Superman that's more about his inability to write a Superman story because he's just not into the character. Lots of people feel that Superman is too inacessible, too perfect. They feel that his stories are boring, or too ridiculous in that way that only superhero's can be. ("They Saved Luthor's Brain!" anyone?) I also like the idea of an author using this as a launching point for some self-exploration, and into telling a more personal story not necessarily about popular culture icons or art and the creative process, but about something else even only marginally connected to that. However... I just didn't find the story Seagle actually wrote - an autobiographical exploration of the history of Huntington's disease in his family and his fears surrounding that - to be all that interesting. I found I didn't care about the author as a character very much.

The art in this book is stunning though, and overall it's a fantastic concept. I just wish the actual execution would have been done by someone else.

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