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Children of the Storm by Elizabeth Peters
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May 03, 2012

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"Children of the Storm" (Amelia 15) by Elizabeth Peters refers generation weathered by the dark turbulence of WW1, and an Egyptian horoscope predicting trouble. A plethora of Egyptologists has accumulated in the long series, too many blood and marriage relations to the original, large of brain, body and vocabulary, parasol-wielder Amelia Peabody. Her long-winded pompous narrative style, reminiscent of inspiring Sir Henry Rider Haggard (King Solomon's Mines), and after-the-fact premonitions are funny. Husband Radcliffe "Emerson" is hot-tempered handsome "Father of Curses". Son "Ramses" is "Brother of Demons" for his talent in diguise and voices, married ward Nefret, surgeon, lovely blue-eyed blonde, have babbling girl and boy twins. Cute rambunctious kiddies are overly abundant; mystic Abdullah visions annoying, useless, not comic relief. Even Sethos helps, wrong-blanket-side half-brother, reformed Master Criminal.

Restorer Martinellini vanishes the same night as three priceless armbands and pectoral pendant from the princess' treasure being packed up for the government steamship pickup. Ramses escapes admiring kidnapper costumed as horned goddess Hathor. I unfortunately remembered the traitorous role played by Sethos' long-lost illegitimate vengeful daughter Molly/ Maryam, whose criminal mother was killed by person(s) unknown while shooting at Amelia. One of the Emerson servants from that episode dies unsuspiciously, but "accidents" attack the others: snake, scorpion, sinking boat, loosened car wheel. The odd youth Justin accompanied by bully Francois are obviously bad. The finale - chase, gun and knife battle, explosion - permits Amelia to fulfill ambitions - don an eyepatch and board a pirate vessel.

The conclusion adds another grandchild to the mix, and toddler "articulating with hideous precision" p617. Rather like cutesy formulaic old sitcoms that ended on a joke. After frightening hostage danger, does maintain the overall lighthearted tone, and hint at future.

narghile - waterpipe
ushebti p250 shabti, shawabti - funerary figurine
kunafeh p260 knafeh, kunafeh, kunafah, konafah - fried fine noodle phyllo pastry dessert threads with soft cheese and rose syrup

p 108 somthing for something

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