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Drive By by Jim Carrington
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May 25, 2012

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Your conscience is a pretty scary thing sometimes, isn't it?

I guess all of us, at some point in their lives, have done something we shouldn't have done which led to some undesirable consequences, and that we felt guilty about it when we were afraid to take up the responsibility. Our conscience then nagged and nagged, until we probably couldn't take it anymore and just owned up to it.

The Story:

Johnny and his friends wanted to take a little revenge on an old irritating neighbour nicknamed the Poisoned Dwarf, by shooting water from water pistols as they rode their bikes past her car. A drive-by soaking, in other words. Yet when they found out she had a heart attack and later died, they felt guilty and were afraid to own up. Among the four of them, Johnny felt the worst, because it was his idea to give a drive-by soaking. As his conscience nagged at him, unexplained things started to happen to and around him.

Summer was growing bored. Her friends were not around and her sister was at university. Apart from visiting her grandparents occasionally, she hanged around town alone. When a turn of events triggered Summer to find out about her father's death, she didn't expect the process to hurt her so badly.

When Johnny and Summer crossed paths, that's when things became a little complicated.

What I Like About "Drive By":

1. It's a pageturner. I devoured the book like a zombie hungry for flesh and yet I didn't know why. It's not exactly an outstanding read, but the author did a great job at making readers fly through the pages!

2. The whole process of Johnny dealing with his guilty conscience was quite well executed, though I thought there were a couple of loopholes here and there.

3. It's a lesson to us all about taking responsibility for the wrongs we have done. Owning up can be difficult, but if we don't, we'd definitely have a hard time coping with our conscience nagging at us. It's not a nice thing to experience, really.

What I Don't:

1. I get the crossing paths idea of Johnny and Summer, but I felt that Summer's story of her father's death was awkward for the most part, except until the end of the book. It wasn't a very strong link, in my opinion.

2. I thought Summer was a little too desperate for Johnny. I've never read about a female character who would hug and kiss her 'boyfriend' on the SECOND date as a greeting.

3. The creep factor wasn't strong enough.

4. The ending wasn't satisfying. It just didn't close good enough! There were plenty of unanswered questions which wasn't a good thing at all.


It was a nice read, though not exactly an excellent one. Flaws abound but I still liked the 'guilty conscience' concept.

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