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Sicko, I Set You Free by Soren Narnia
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I am a very sick and twisted individual. I am normally the one that elicits the infamous words, "I can't believe he just said that!". Being Irish, any book with a sheep and erotica on it, would always be a hit. We have proven that they are not just for breakfast anymore. I was excited when my complimentary copy of the book arrived and dedicated some free time before bed to read it from cover to cover with a devilish twinge in my evil mind. Bizarro has become a favourite genre for me thanks to Goodreads and its many fine authors. I hate to say that I was let down by this book. I may have just expected too much.

I totally get what the author is trying to do. His concept is brilliant. The collection of short stories just didn't pass my humour muster. I had a few moments where I smiled a wee bit, but all in all, I was left wanting more darkly sarcastic humour. I think when aiming for over the top, one can over shoot, and that is the case for this book.

I am sure there is an audience for it. It has many positive reviews, and I didn't want to trash it due to my odd humour. I think I am so twisted that I am hard to shock anymore.

If you are easily offended, this may not be the book for you. Lots of references to sex and what some would consider profane. If you are into bizarre humour...check it out.
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