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Dark Companion by Marta Acosta
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Aug 05, 12

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Severe case of too much [mundane] information. I did not need to know how many and of which color bras Mrs. Radcliffe bought Jane, every detail of the outfits people are wearing, and every little mundane thing Jane does. I like to know some of the mundane, but too much overtakes the plot and gets old fast. 40% into the novel and I still hadn't reached the heart of the plot. By the time I'm nearly halfway into the novel, I do expect something to be happening and maybe even so into the story that I don't want to put down the book. However, Jane was still settling into the school and had only just met some people.

Jake was certainly interesting and definitely the most lively out of everyone in town, and his brother is mysterious and compelling, though Jane seems to have an unhealthy, immediate attraction to Lucian. Lucian who thinks and speaks ill of his brother just because Jake went to a community college for its strong music program and is now living at home and devoting his time to music and his band. The girls that invite Jane to hang out with her are, however, boring and seem to be superficial (I didn't finish the book, so this is my initial impression of them). Their conversations appear forced and don't hold much depth.

Jane herself seems to have some sort of superiority complex. She labels Jake as a jerk and someone that isn't good to associate herself with just because he almost ran into her while he was riding a bike and was wearing grubby clothes. Instead of listening to his explanation, she dismisses them as excuses and is impolite to him. I wonder how different her reaction would have been if it had been Lucian who was riding the bike.

Did not finish.

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