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The Death Cure by James Dashner
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Apr 15, 12

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Read in April, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Overall, this, the final book, gave me much more of what I was hoping for in the second book. It finally explained what was really going on and stopped jerking the reader around with various twists on twists and keeping the reader in the dark about the what was a test and was was reality. However, because of the second book, I kept wondering in the third book if Thomas was still going through a pre-scripted set of experiences in order to complete the "blueprint." Only at the end did I find out he really was experiencing reality and not a test.

So here's the good and the bad.

The good
-We finally get a view of the real world Thomas comes from. Dashner should have sprinkled more of this information into the second book (possibly in the form of recovered memories).

-The action was compelling although not masterfully done. The plot of the third book actually moved along and kept my interest as opposed to the second book where the plot was essentially "nobody knows who to trust and what's real or not."

-It was a believable portrayal of zombies; how they act, how they came to be. Likewise, the world Dashner created was fairly believable.

The bad
-Weak character development. I didn't ever really care much for or emotionally identify with any of the characters. The only emotion that was compelling was that of confusion; what the heck is going on? This was incredibly strong and effective in the first book, compelling yet tiring in the second book, and then more or less dropped in the third book.

-We never get an adequate explanation of the back story. Why were Thomas and Teresa originally involved in WICKED? What were the memories of the characters after they were restored? What was the nature of Thomas and Teresa's relationship before the maze? What was Brenda going to say to Thomas about the Chancellor and what relationship did she have with her? Where were the munies sent in the end and what was the fate of the rest of the world? There were so many opportunities to explore these questions in compelling ways that were missed.

-The series overall was too violent for kids.

-Teresa just dies like that. There's never any more development of her relationship with Thomas past the first book.

In the end, I was quite disappointed in this series. The first book was great. The rest of the series was filled with unfulfilled potential and wasn't suspense. Would I recommend it? I would recommend reading the first book and getting the summary of the rest of the series from someone who has read it.

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