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The Likeness by Tana French
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Oct 22, 2016

really liked it


I've no idea why I never wrote a review of Tana's 2nd book. Other than I didn't write reviews much - if at all - my first couple of years on Goodreads. -- [maybe I should take a lesson]-ha! Save some times! lol...,

But.... I loved Tana's first two books ...I liked them all (one I wasn't crazy about),

The first TWO books are still favorites -- even though I was and still am a little mad at her for not bringing back my favorite character ....

But I LOVE TANA FRENCH. If nothing else ...the dialogue it's ALWAYS OUTSTANDING.

I'm reading "The Trespasser" right now....AM LOVING THIS NEW 2016 release --.
Its great to see Antoinnette Conway and her partner Steve Moran. Tana French is 'on' her game with her new book -- it's exciting and fresh!!!

As for THE LIKENESS... EVERYTHING about it is GREAT!!!
If you have not read TANA FRENCH....
you're missing out reading *terrific* prose....fabulous dialogue... and engrossing intelligent Murder Squad stories!!!

I suggest the first TWO BOOKS first!

But... even her new book 'The Trespasser' could be a stand alone book.
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message 1: by Frances (new) - added it

Frances Nice review Elyse! I must take a look at Tana French (one day).

Elyse Gotcha Frances. I know how it is when you've your own reading list - and you're getting bombarded with temptation -and desire - to add others reading lists...
with so many unread books of your own.
Thank you for your comment.
Happy reading the book you 'are' reading!!! :). and --- one thing about Tana French's early books - the library usually has a good supply. -
And... I share your 'one day' about soooo many books too from recommendations from many in our community too.

JanB Elyse, she's one of my favorite authors too. I agree with everything you said! The only one I haven't read (other than her latest) is The Secret Place. The teenage girl theme isn't a favorite of mine especially if there's a lot of "teen speak". I'm looking forward to her latest.

Elyse Hi Jan, yeah... that was the book I didn't care for. Didn't miss much.
You'll be happy with this The Trespasser. Tana's BACK! :)

message 5: by Taryn (new)

Taryn Wonderful review! Tana French's dialogue is so good--the characters seem so 'real'. Looking forward to reading more of her books in the future!

JanB Elyse, yay, that's good to know!

Elyse Great Taryn!!! I'll read your Trespasser review too after I've finished the book!

message 8: by Ron (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ron I also truly enjoyed the first two Elyse. Hit a speedbump on the 3rd, and haven't returned. Your review makes me want to fix that! Enjoy The Trespasser! :)

Joanne I'm so excited to have The Trespasser waiting on my book pile. I agree about her first two books. I've never forgotten that haunting image of the "ghost estates" in Ireland.

Linda I love Tana French, but I'm really glad I didn't read the first one first. Loved the book but hated the ending so much that I probably wouldn't have read more if it had been my first.

Glad to hear The Trespasser is good!

message 11: by Sara (new)

Sara Steger I have never read any of her novels, but I have In the Woods sitting on my TBR shelf. There are always so many authors I have to get to but never do! Great review.

Elyse Yeah...Ron, don't you remember that 'wow' feeling --a new discovery? --a NEW REALLY talented author in this genre?
I was so excited about Tana French -(I read her way in the beginning of her writing career) -- I couldn't stop telling people about her. She can tell people about herself 'now'! lol
Word spread fast....right?/!

Elyse Hi Joanne --yeah---'we've got the Tana French bug....
and this new book is sooooooooooo HER! Its so darn satisfying!!

message 14: by Elyse (last edited Oct 23, 2016 10:44AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Elyse Sara... well....In time ....
As you told me...."reading is not about pressure --we do not have to read 'others' reading lists".........
That said..........lol I will read "A Gentleman in Moscow".........and will look forward to it. (from your reading list)....haha! with pleasure!
The thing about Tana French is her books are intelligent -and you know what? She doesn't do that THING --many new authors do --where every chapter is a new narrator --(that gets soooooooooooooo old!!!)

Gotta get a walk in today --running late (airbnb kept me home all morning: no problem --I got to read--but now I NEED fresh air!!) ---xoxoxo Hugs

message 15: by Sara (new)

Sara Steger Enjoy your walk, Elyse. All that fresh air must mean the fires have burned out?
I am moving French up on my reading list because I know if you like her that much I will like her also. Love an intelligent read. Also get tired of the changing narrators. Like most things in writing, though, it can be done well or not. Same with having two juxtaposed timelines. Some people can navigate it so that you feel involved in both times, but sometimes it feels like you are just getting into the story and boom, they are off on another era you don't want to return to.

LOL. Too much information! I tend to do that sometimes. Think I will close up this computer and go get a walk myself. Redskins are losing and not looking like they are going to recover, so watching game while commenting on GR has lost its charm.

Elyse Linda --I remember that reaction TOO!!!

Elyse Sara ---cheers to us for walking today! :) xoxo

message 18: by Ron (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ron Elyse wrote: "Yeah...Ron, don't you remember that 'wow' feeling --a new discovery? --a NEW REALLY talented author in this genre?
I was so excited about Tana French -(I read her way in the beginning of her writi..."

I do remember that first book feeling Elyse. Loved the characters she wrote in that book. Looking forward to your review of her new one!

message 19: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ansbro Great enthusiasm, Elyse!
You are on fire!
(Metaphorically, not literally. I wouldn't want people to be unduly concerned).

Elyse laughing Kevin ---maybe literally.......... I have so much to do!

Ron............I keep wanting to read "Nix" --like YOU HAVE...........and I feel as if I am falling more and more behind. ---
You wouldn't believe all that is on my plate. ---including the 12 new books, (most either not in stores yet --or have just come out) ---I don't have any agreements to write a review --they are just gifts ---
( that were given to me recently) ---but STILL ---
--Plus, I 'do have a list of netgalley books with due dates......
and a couple of author/friends books to read...........
when? will I read Nix? --------- (lets bitch)....I'm on fire --as Kevin says ....but not sure its how he means....haha
I need body/brain transplant lol

message 21: by Elyse (last edited Oct 24, 2016 11:27AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Elyse Christy wrote: "I keep reading good things about Tana French. Did you see this a few weeks ago in NYTs? https://twitter.com/MalindaSmith/stat... I love Malinda Smith, although am still warily con..."

Wow....Christy, I am so impressed with ALL those books which NONE ---I have heard which Malinda Smith recommends.
I don't twitter --does she have FB? --or some other way to follow her? Is she on Goodreads? --- Interesting books!!
I had not seen this --I'm having a challenge returning mail -reading -getting exercise in -trail hiking -taking care of all the 'house & garden things I must do --let 'alone' add other outside 'news' reading. lol --THANK YOU for keeping me informed!! REALLY!!! -- xox

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Ah - I put the wrong link to Tana French recent article in NYTs http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/02/boo....

Elyse Christy --you did me a favor with that wrong link.....I have a page of books written down--- "Dancing on the Turtles Back", Joseph Boyden --etc. etc. etc. Thank you!!!

I'll take all of these things! Thanks girlfriend!

Opening up your new link now! :)

Elyse Christy wrote: "Ah - I put the wrong link to Tana French recent article in NYTs http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/02/boo...."

Tana loves "The Princess Bride"............... Of course!!!! Me too!!! :)
That was fun reading that --Thanks Christy!
Gosh --I own ya!!
Tea? lunch? movie? soak in our pool? books? come on over!!!! xoxo

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

I almost went to San Jose State, actually.... Wanted a smaller school near the coast (priority #1) from Cheyenne and ended up in New Hampshire, instead! (NH won out over SJS, U of So FL, and U of Puget Sound). I had my criteria and four distinct areas! :-) You can always visit the Maine coast, too. xo :-)

Elyse I might love that --I've never been. and --if you come here --I have a room you can stay in and everything! :) we should keep talking!

message 27: by Ron (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ron Elyse wrote: "laughing Kevin ---maybe literally.......... I have so much to do!

Ron............I keep wanting to read "Nix" --like YOU HAVE...........and I feel as if I am falling more and more behind. ---
You ..."

You'll get to The Nix Elyse. Don't put the extra pressure on yourself about a time limit, or putting it off for awhile. That can take some of the joy out of reading. Have fun with it and go with your mood. :)

Elyse Ron.... AW... calming words of encouragement...JUST what I needed!!!! Thanks Ron.

Geee....lol. I've said those words to others myself.
It's so nice to have friends remind us to 'allow' OURSELVES the same as we do others.
It's OK!
We are Ok!!!
Thank You VERY MUCH RON!!!! :)

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