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Fair Game by Patricia Briggs
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Apr 15, 2012

really liked it

I'm giving this book a conditional four stars. This is now my least favorite Briggs books--and I love her books. The story she crafted was as fun as her others, and I still love Charles and Anna, and really felt for the trials they both went through in this story. LOVED the Boston Alpha Issac. I hope we get to see him again in future books. For a young wolf, he's got brains and guts.

Here's what bothered me about the book. One scene. I'm a closed door kind of reader when it comes to showing intimacy between people. I don't like graphic stuff because it makes me feel like a voyeur. Briggs shows more than I would normally read but she's handled it--in the past--gracefully and the intimacy was very much a part of the story, part of the character's growth. We needed to see it.

Not in this book. Seriously, there's a scene that's thrown in between Charles and Anna in a completely in appropriate situation. It felt contrived and, in my opinion, diminished my respect for both their characters. And it did absolutely nothing for the story--didn't advance the plot or their relationship. It was like her editor came back to her to said she need to have a sex scene, so she just stuck it in there. It could be cut and no one would miss it. I kept thinking it must lead to something. Surely she wouldn't throw in that bit of useless garbage for nothing. Nope. Nothing came of it.

I almost gave this book 3 stars because of it.
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Jean I totally agree with your review. Sex at inappropriate times is one of my biggest pet peeves.

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