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Origins by L.J. Smith
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Apr 15, 2012

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While I haven't read the original series by L.J. Smith, I am an avid, diligent watcher of the show, so naturally I got pretty excited about this new "prequel" series. While, being young adult TV series companions, they're obviously not going to be phenomenal, they are however just plain fun to read, especially on those dreaded TV hiatuses! To be honest, I know they're called Stefan's Diaries, but I really only read them for the parts involving Damon, which, just like his scenes in the show, make me laugh out loud (and come to think of it, that's rare when I'm reading a book).

So, my reviews for these will probably be short, but here we go!


-I enjoyed learning about Stefan and Damon's lives before Katherine came and ruined them. It certainly clarified that their dad was a jerk; however, I would've liked to learn more about their mother. Also, if you hadn't read this, you would have no idea that Stefan was engaged (aka forced into an arranged marriage) before he met Katherine.

-There were several minor characters that got more time in here than on the screen; Anna, Pearl, Jonathan Gilbert, Emily, etc.



-I'll be honest, at least the first three books of the series are filled with numerous (if minor) inaccuracies. Of course, those probably only bugged me because I'm a stickler for details.
Damon does NOT have brown eyes!


-I wonder...was the sheriff's deputy in 1864, Noah, the same Noah who stalked Elena in the first season? Also...I'm thinking "the tavern" eventually became Mystic Grill???


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