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Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson
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Apr 15, 2012

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Emma Lost is a lecturer on history at the University of Wisconsin. She wrote a best-selling book about the Dark Ages. No one knows that her expertise on the subject is a result of her having been born in the Dark Ages.

Emma is the woman that the Sleeping Beauty myth is based on. An evil woman cursed her, and when she was kissed she fell into a thousand-year coma. She apparently woke up during the first book of this series (which I haven't read), and in the years since then she's gone from illiterate to university lecturer, making her pretty damn smart - but understandably scared of kissing.

Michael Found returns from a year-long sabbatical to become the head of the university's history department. He's read Emma's book and thinks it's very poor scholarship. He doesn't want her teaching in his department, but when bizarre things start happening he can't deny that something magical is happening between them.

I really wanted to like this book. I loved the premise of Sleeping Beauty come to life. But the pacing of the story was way off. It starts off slow and I felt like it only got going near the end. There is so much potential for humor and conflict, but I felt like it largely went untapped.

To me, the funniest character is not one of the protagonists but Emma's cat, Darnell. And the best verbal exchange was between Michael and The Ghost of Christmas Present, who visits him...in May. None of my favorite moments happen with both Emma and Michael on the page.

The conflict between Michael and Emma clears up fairly quickly and then revolves around Emma's fear that she'll be knocked unconscious for a millennium if she's kissed again.

But to be honest, I never felt engaged enough to care whether they kissed. Emma is an angry person. I guess it's understandable, considering how much of her life she's lost. Anger drives her, and it keeps her from having close relationships. But because of that, I too felt distant from her. I started thinking that Michael could surely find a better partner than one who kept snapping at him.

Overall, this story was too light on romance, and too light on fantasy, for me.

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