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The Boy Book by E. Lockhart
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E. Lockhart makes me want to go back to high school so that I can do it again and do it right this time. I am convinced that with the tools I learned in this book, that I will be a master. Oh and I really want to meet a boy like Angelo. Somehow I missed knowing anyone like him in high school ....

The Boy Book is the second book in a four book series that focuses on Ruby Oliver. Ruby is a student at a private high school in Seattle, she has two off beat parents who mean oh so well (but are pretty funny in their attempts), and at the start of The Boy Book, Ruby believes that she doesn't have any friends. The Ruby Oliver series is a message series. It is about the true meaning of friendship and what it takes to be a true friend. It is about the conflict between the positive feeling having a boyfriend gives to a girl v. the struggle with what if he is actually a jerk. It is about the meaning and effect of labeling other people. And it is about the crazies and confusions that dating and liking love interests in high school brings to a high school teenagers life. But even though the Ruby Oliver series is a message series and The Boy Book teaches so many great things it never comes off as a after school special. These messages are delivered through experiences and character growth. But really super important, these books are hilarious, they are fun and the main character (Ruby) feels like my best friend or maybe even me. E. Lockhart is brilliant.

So Ruby is like many high school girls. There are some good things about her, she is okay at some things, bad at others, she isn't drop dead gorgeous but some of her friends are and she has some positive physical attributes. This is a quote from the first book in this series and it gives you an idea how Ruby is not described,
“I hate those endless descriptions of a heroine's physical attributes . . . it really bothers me how in books it seems like the only two choices are perfection or self-hatred. As if readers will only like a character who's ideal--or completely shattered.”
Ruby is still discovering who she is, learning to appreciate her great legs and learning to appreciate that guys like her legs

So, it is really hard to tap into why this book is so fun, I will just summarize some of the plot lines: Hooter Rescue Squad, Penguins, Llamas, the stockpiling of fruit rollups, a discussion on reclaiming the label of "slut" (along with learning why that label gets thrown around), the realization that the kid with acne may not actually like having acne, an appreciation for guys who know how to properly grope boobs (this is carried over from the first book -- very important), public embarrassment from parents, confrontations with a former best friend turned arch enemy, and lots of fun and yummy boy crushes.

Ruby is fun, makes mistakes and never ends up with the guy she thinks she wants. Kinda like real life but better (maybe because she lives on a houseboat with a greenhouse). I highly recommend this book for anyone in high school or who has ever gone to high school.
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Quotes Regina Liked

E. Lockhart
“We can't know or say what other people do. You have to think what you want to do to get the situation where you want it to be.”
E. Lockhart, The Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming Them

E. Lockhart
“If you don't want to be in an argument with someone, it is probably best to try to solve the problem, rather than lying around hoping the other person will do it for you.”
E. Lockhart, The Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming Them

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Laura Yay! I love this series so much!

Regina It is so much fun and also enlightening. :)

Laura I am So Very Jealous of teens who have E. Lockhart to read. I wish she had been around when I was that age.

Regina I agree completely. She brilliantly conveys messages -- so funny and not preachy.

Catie I was so impressed at how good they were all they way to the end, too. I was afraid that "the message" would get old or feel replayed over and over but it never does! Each book has something new to say. I still need to review the fourth one.

Regina I am holding myself from starting #3, since I am waiting on #4 to come from the library still. :) Oddly enough there doesn't seem to be an audio version of #4. So I will read that one.

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