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The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley
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Aug 26, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in January, 1991

young princess who feels like a misfit, teaches herself to fight dragons, befriends animals left&right, finds love twice, overcomes a villain from her family's past, follows her known duty rather than pursue unknown's really not as dry as I'm summarizing.

beautifully and dreamily written. I remember reading this and wanting to fight dragons. a big surprise when I re-read years later and still enjoyed it, still found the heroine a sympathetic character. good messages about not taking anyone's crap and actively working to make things happen for yourself instead of waiting around.

i just finished reading Twilight and what a contrast - weak, whiny, undone by selfishness portrayed as strength - HatC is better by far.
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The Crimson Fucker now for some reason i have an image of you on some airport buying a ticket to Komodo island, dressed on a shyny plate armor, looking mad dorky, and really eager to go there and slay a freaking dragon! it amuses me!

Eh?Eh! I'd have my animals friends with me. We'd probably travel by military cargo plane, the kind where the whole butt-end opens and we parachute out.

The Crimson Fucker and what y'all call it? Operation slay the dragon? omg! you keep looking so dorky on that plate armor! i can't stop laughing!

Eh?Eh! You're too funny - it's good to be able to amuse yourself, hah.

Miriam Operation Dragonslayr has a better sound (gotta drop that e to make the slayer part one syllable).

Mariel I love this book. I still think of that dragon's head talking to her.

Eh?Eh! Miriam! Where was my notification! I agree, fewer syllables makes for more catchy.

I LOVE this book, too. I loved her reading, awkwardness, Luthe, how she became friends with Talut (??? need to read it again), the big cats and dogs (ack! need to read it again! can't remember what they're called!)...I wish I could write about it as beautifully as it is beautiful. I become robot reviewer and me not be eloquent when like book very much.

Mariel I haven't reviewed it at all. But it sure did haunt me.

Eh?Eh! It (a proper review) needs poetry.

Mariel That leaves me out.

Eh?Eh! Me, too. Sigh.

Mariel Maybe Paul will step up to the plate.

Eh?Eh! Leave the crockery out of this.

Miriam It (a proper review) needs poetry.

Do you mean you want your reviews to be poetic, or that you would like to include an original haiku about dragons?

Mariel I want a plate with a dragon on it. Like a whole collection. From a catalogue.

Eh?Eh! I mean column A, I wish I could write poetic reviews, or even compose verse. I loved this story.

I bet there's a catalogue out there for you.

[image error]

Mariel If I write a review of this book I am going to include that plate picture in it.

Ruh roh Shaggy. I think I just challenged myself.

Eh?Eh! Heh! You need to make a list of 9 more items and then goad yourself into doing them all.

Mariel Oooh great idea! When I'm on the computer again I am so writing this puppy tonight.

message 20: by Eh?Eh! (last edited Jan 22, 2011 11:49AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eh?Eh! Yay! Mariel review! Mariel review!

Mariel This will not be poetry but it will be different.

Eh?Eh! I will love it as if it were my own.

Mariel In a way it is.

Mariel Coolest picture ever!

Miriam Pretty good for a 5 year old!

Mariel I couldn't do better.

message 28: by Scribble (new)

Scribble Orca We have vegetarian vampires these days, why not herbivorous dragons?

Miriam What did Puff the magic Dragon eat? Pot brownies?

message 30: by Scribble (new)

Scribble Orca Strings and sealing wax?

Mariel He probably got kids stoned and then picked them off one by one.

Miriam An innovative stratagem!

Eh?Eh! Awwww! Eh!-rin??

Feel better, you.

Eh?Eh! Then why doesn't anyone do what I say!

Eh?Eh! I have to slay this paperwork first. Dragons will have to wait.

Eh?Eh! I'd rather bring along this torch and untraceable accelerants. Forward, hooooo! (lgm!)

message 37: by Mausam (new)

Mausam Mehta Right. That dragon head ... Just.creeped me out. And something about Luthe put me on edge. But that's me. Haha :)

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