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Red River, Vol. 1 by Chie Shinohara
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** spoiler alert ** Warning:

Prepare yourself for a long(extremely long) review. So sit back and enjoy. But I will warn you, they'll be a lot of spoilers and some ranting.

I first discovered this book about two and half years ago. Before I begin my long story, I will remind you that I am a otaku, in all senses of that word. If I could read mangas all day and still go to school, and actually get paid to work, then I would do it. No questions asked. I would even go as far as to say, that I must at least read one page of manga a day, or else I'll go insane and kick a puppy.

Anyways, on to my story. I was on a reading spree. I had just finished reading Special A, which I adore more than the air I breathe. Anywho, I was stuck. And beyond bored, because so far and unsuccesfully hadn't found a replacement to such an awesome manga. So I browsed and browsed and still found nothing remotely interesting to read. When one day, someone suggested me to read this.

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(I couldn't find the first cover, but Prince Kail sexiness will have to do.)

At first, I was really reluctant to read this. It was the art. I'm really picky with my manga art, if I don't like it, then I won't read it, simple. But she yelled at me for judging the art and not the story. And finally after a bit more convicing, I agreed and let her win me over.

The first chapter was interesting, but when I got to the fifth and sixth, I got addicted. Yup, I was official hooked. During that time, I stopped doing homework, shoved the food in my mouth, and ran all the way home just to read a bit of this manga(I never said my addiction was healthy).


Yuri, a pretty Japanese girl who just passed a college entrance exam, is ecstatic after her first kiss with her handsome childhood friend-turned-boyfriend, Himuro. Meanwhile, she starts to notice that water becomes agitated whenever she goes near it! One night, hands appear out of a puddle on the street and drag her into the water. She emerges from the water to find that she has been transported to an ancient village somewhere in the Middle East. She is then captured by armed troops and taken to the queen's palace, where she learns that the queen had her kidnapped so she can offer her blood as part of a ritual that will kill two princes in competition to inherit the kingdom.

So it begins. Now the summary really doesn't reveal much of what the story is about, but I can assure you, it's really good. I have read this manga about eight times, as of this day. I mean, all ninety-nine chapter eight times.

Let me tell you, how much it means for me to read a manga at least twice.

My Manga Reading Scale:

Reads Manga One Time: "I liked it, but I wouldn't read it another time. But I would forget reading this story in one day."

Reads Manga Two Times: "I really liked it, and I maybe could read it another time. I will remember it for maybe, a couple days."

Reads Manga Three Times: "Wow, loved it. I loved the characters, plotline and art. I will remember it for months."

Reads Manga More than Five Times: "Considered on my top-ten mangas of all time. I will cherish it forever."

As you can tell, I don't re-read any manga, only the ones I really really love.



I love Yuri, I consider her one of the best heroines in my opinion. Why? Let's see. I will make a list. But before I would like to say that I could connect with Yuri because she was completely normal. She had no super powers, and she reacts perfectly when she returns back to the past. It's not like she's liked immedialtely and knows exactly what to do. No. She's sacred and with good reasons.

List Of Reasons Why I Love Yuri:

1.) She's strong. She knows how to defend herself, and isn't afraid to show her true feelings. She also extremely honest and will do anything in her power to protect her loved ones.


In the case of Princess Sakura, who had teamed up with the Evil(Bitch) Nakia to kill her. Yuri protected her, even when she wasn't friends with her at all, and saved her from her death.

We can also use Tito, Rufusa, and Prince Z.(forgot his name) as examples.

2.) She falls in love with Kai, in good time and for all the right reasons. You see, this happens once in a century when a young heroine loves the male characters, loves not lusts. Yes, Yuri felt attracted to him for his looks but she never said, "I love him because he's a prince, and has a lot of money. I'm so in love."


When Kail kisses Yuri at the beginning, she doesn't like because she doesn't love him. She pushes him away, stating, "I can only kiss the man I love."

Now by no means I am saying you can only kiss who you love. If you wanna kiss someone, then go ahead. But in Yuri's case, it's how decides who to kiss. And in months or even a year, they both fall in love.

Not like the usually mangas nowadays, where one look, then there's love. Nope, I don't approve of lust at first sight.


There is only one thing I absolutely don't like about Yuri. How many suitors Yuri has, or how many men are in love with her.

Let's count:

Prince Kail

Prince Z.


Prince of Darkness


When you have more than two men who love the main girl, you're starting to go down the Mary-Sue train. And I hate the Mary-Sue's.

I will leave you with gifs for the other characters.

Prince Kail:

[image error]

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Queen Nakia:

[image error]

I deeply love this series. And would recommened it to anyone. But I understand they will be people who won't like it. Which is fine. Everyone has there own tastes in manga and books. Nonetheless, this book belongs in my forever will read shelfs. Thank you, Mrs. Shinohara for such a wonderfully made manga.

This is for you.

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