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Invasion by Mercedes Lackey
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Apr 14, 12

I picked it up because it said "Mercedes Lackey" on the cover. I read all of her stuff (I started with Valdemar, but now prefer the 500 Kingdoms and Elemental Masters). Basically this is a superhero novel that stars alien Nazis as the bad guys.

I don't play MMORPG and I hadn't heard of City of Heroes before (if that's sacrilege, I apologize). The cast is a mosaic of different personalities—all of them pretty standard in any superhero work. The ones I found most compelling were Victoria Victrix Nagy, Red Djinni, Detective Ramona Ferrari, Belladonna Blue, and John Murdock. I look forward to seeing how these five interact in future works.

I was not overly impressed with the choice of bad guy, although I presume this is the same in City of Heroes. I was also not impressed with the depiction of the Russian metahumans, although this may also be in City of Heroes. Both are extremely overdone/formulaic/stereotypical and I would have preferred something a little more creative. I really enjoyed the metahuman Ramona fetches to help out with the fight in Atlanta—he was unexpected. I am also curious to know if "Dennis Lee" is the Dennis Lee of Alligator Pie fame—but that has little to do with the review.

In the end? I guess if you like Superman-type superheroes, this is an okay read, but if you're into fantasy in general I would suggest the Elemental Masters series (the writing is better and the story lines are more creative). If you like horses and The Lord of The Rings, you might like the Valdemar books; if you enjoy fairy tales, then check out the 500 Kingdoms series.

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David I'm about half way through this book and was wondering if you felt the style was a bit "jerky" like you could really tell where Mercedes had the pen vs the other two. Also felt the "hit the ground running" feel of things left out a lot of potential for character backgrounds and such.

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