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Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
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This was an enjoyable book to read about a little girl, who not only could do anything but had the confidence to be anything. She learned this wisdom from her grandmother and mother, but had it in her heart that nothing or no one could discourage her from being what she imagined herself to be. Anyone reading this book, will love her spirit of confidence and imagination and feel motivated to want the same for yourself.

Through this book is the wonderful example of dramatic play. With my class, I would bring in a few objects or props, the children can use to pretend that they are in a story or play that they have decided to be in. I would give them to some to act it and be able to play around with the props or objects before I would bring back them together in a circle. I would then ask each one what character they were and what would their character say to everyone in the class and what kind of things their character does.

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