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Last Will by Liza Marklund
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Apr 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Waiting for these books to be translated is sheer torture, it almost makes me want to give a try at learning Swedish.

All the excitement of the cutthroat world of modern scientific research. I know that statement sounds silly, but Liza Marklund through her investigative journalist Annika Bengtzon brings the tension of the world alive. When you are talking millions of dollars of research grants floating around, you are going to bring out the worst in a lot of people.

The mystery was solid, Nobel prize committee member is assassinated during the after party of the awards ceremony. Who did it and why? Annika, who was literally dancing next to the victim, was the best eyewitness. Immediately she receives a gag order from the police, but that doesn’t stop her from digging into the case.

I do not think most people realize how much money is floating around the research world if your work is successful, and more importantly, first. Put any random group of people in a situation wherein being first is the difference between wealth and poverty, you are going to see some dirty tricks. Watch any reality show like Survivor and you will see the same behavior. Having a PhD. will not make you play any nicer at all. It makes you all the more nasty because you at least understand exactly what is at stake.

Liza Marklund has given us another solid Nordic Noir series featuring a compelling heroine. Waiting for these books to be translated is sheer torture, it almost makes me want to give a try at learning Swedish.
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Eyehavenofilter I know what you mean... If I wasn't in the throws of trying to digest Russian, I'd be attempting Swedish. But my brain hurts so much right now!

Eyehavenofilter Also in our area we had no major bookstore for 4 months.Borders got replaced by BAM and they just don't carry a vast range of Swedish writers.. It's maddening. Nesbo, Marklund, Larsson, it's like they don't exist.... Makes me crazy!

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