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Junie B., First Grader by Barbara Park
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Apr 23, 2012

it was amazing
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Another Eleanor Review:

Me: Ok, Eleanor, when you review a book, you should start out by telling what the book is about... So what was the book Junie B. First Grader:Shipwrecked about?

Eleanor: Um. It was about the SPLATO! It was about when Roger threw up on the floor! That's what it was about. So you should give it that one, ok dad?

Me: What do you mean I should, "give it that one?"

E: Well, in chapter one it happened, so you should put it in the review.

Me: Ok, it's there. What else was the book about?

Eleanor: Junie gave May nose germs, then MAY WALKED to Mr. Scary and said, "Mr. Scary, Junie gave me nose germs." Then Mr. Scary walked May back to her seat.

I have good ideas sometimes, daddy.

Me: What do you mean?

Eleanor: Well, sometimes about that Junie B. Jones books... I have good ideas about for when we review it.

Me: So what else happened?


Me: Is she now?

E: Yeah! NOO!!! She's standing up again! Gwennie! There we go. THEN it was about... the the the PARENT'S NIGHT! And Shelton washed his body.

Me: Why?

E: Because... ahh I don't know... he had germs on his hands.

Me: How did he get germs on his hands?

E: He had a bag on his hands - a sack on his hands... Could you read it now? Could you read the review?

Me: In a second... but first tell me, why do you think it was called, "Shipwrecked?"

E: I don't know... Dad?

Me: Well... were there any ships in the book?

E: Yeah.

Me: What happened to them?

E: They were ruining the play.

Me: How?

E: They... they met... Junie... May got to her desk FIRST and said, "Are you the pokey little Maria... uh... are you the pokey little Pinta?" I don't know what she said.

Me: Why did May say that?

E: Because she was being mean.

Me: Did any ships wreck?

E: Yeah. ...What's wreck mean?

Me: Crash.

E: They did have a crash. Ummm... Junie B. Jones and May BOTH fell on top of each other. I was showing you with my arms. I was showing you with my ARMS, daddy. ...And they were sailing, and sailing, and sailing, and Shelton almost fell over too. Daddy, I think your students are like green beans.

Me: What do you mean they're like green beans?

E: I was just joking. OK! READ IT! READ IT! READ READ READ! READ IT BACK!! Please, please read it! Read it please! Read it please! Would you read it please? PLEEEEEAAAAASEEE? Instead of typing, and NOW read the review! PLEASE?!?!? Aren't you reading it?

*As I started to read it Eleanor said, "And then, they had a "YAY! JOSE! PARTY."

Me: Should I put that at the end?

Eleanor: Yeah.
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