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Until the Sun Falls from the Sky by Kristen Ashley
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Nov 19, 2013

it was amazing
bookshelves: vampire
Read from April 19 to 20, 2012

** spoiler alert ** 4.50 Stars!

I enjoyed this novel. The paranormal world that Kristen Ashley creates is interesting, oppressive, ridged and exciting. Today with vampire stories being so popular, many novels are stories about regular people....who happen to be vampires. The author picks out the things they like about the traditional vampire story and apply it to their version. And there are still authors who rarely deviate from the more traditional, monster-ish, dispised, hunted, gloomy, depressing take on the life of a vampire...not the romantic lead but more the abomination. Ashley's vampire skates the line between the two.

Ashley is an adventurous risk taker in creating her paranormal world. Her vampires can be sensitive, loving, playful and at the same time angry, animalistic and over powering to the degree that it is frightening. You can never 100% trust what the hero (vampire) will do or how he will react....he becomes almost an obstacle for the human to overcome.

In this story the heroine, Leah, comes from a long line of Buchanan women who have dedicated themselves to be concubines to vampires. They have supplied the blood for vampires to feed and in tern are taken care of for the rest of their lives. This union usually only lasts a few years two or three and the record is around 7. Leah has known this was her destiny to follow in the long tradition of her family line but has avoided being invited to a "selection" by finding one boyfriend after another until she finds herself single at the age of forty and invited to a selection.

Her mother and aunts prepare her and propel her towards this monumental change in her life. Even though she knows that she is destined to become a concubine, allow the vampire to feed from her until he becomes tired of her and then will be provided for the rest of her life...she still is excited and fearful. Everyone at the selection seems to be in on some secret she doesn't know. Someone named Lucian has already picked her and is planning on selecting her. Who is Lucian? When these two meet for the first time it is fireworks and passion baby!!

Right from the beginning Lucian starts doing things that are not traditional or lawful in the eyes of his people. He leaves his wife/mate, files for divorce/severing...he moves in to the house he has provided for Leah, he is seen with her at functions and starts pampering her...all things vampires don't do. He is driven to break her spirit. She knows she is in danger...falling in love with this guy, a guy who can't and won't love her back will be devastating to her. She decides that her best tactic is to protect herself by fighting him, be sarcastic, difficult, irreverent. But rather than being repelled, as she had hoped, he revels in the chase.

What Leah doesn't know is that he met her twenty years ago and marked her as his. He has waited for her to become available for selection for years. He tells his ex wife, "You might be my mate, but Leah is "life" to me." Leah's effort to protect herself emotionally is slowly being worn away and she finds herself unable to guard her heart. Lucian works even harder to conquer that special spark, that part of her that Lucian has been falling in love with. He too, is trying to keep his heart un-attached, but finds as he is trying to break her spirit what aggravates him the most is that she is holding back her heart from him. and he wants it.

Leah's is scared to death about how she will survive his putting her aside as all vampires do their concubines when their few years are up. She finds herself falling more and more deeply in love with Lucian and just can't begin to imagine how she can get past seeing him with someone else. Lucian reassures Leah and tells her not to worry but he is not in touch with how he really feels and Leah can not accept anything but total commitment. At the same time, we see the council's growing apprehension at Lucian's behavior and way he is leading his life with Leah. His growing attachment to her is challenging the old guard and old world and this doesn't sit well with the establishment.

Leah finally breaks down, feeling that her love is something she is unable to stop or contain anymore. She freely opens her heart and tells Lucian that she loves him. He freezes up....He has suspected that she was falling for him, Leah being such an emotional person. But he is not ready to confront his own feelings for her. He tells her that his heart died hundreds of years ago with Maggie who is a former lover. This is typical of the male species...to think that a woman would be happy with just present without any reassurances of the future. Honestly, what woman who has fallen in love would accept a guy saying...."don't worry about the future - just enjoy what we have now." Yeah right.

Kristen Ashley slowly builds their relationship one emotional block at a time. there is no rushing things. Everything slowly simmers and one flavor at a time is added to the pot. By not rushing the feelings these two have for one another she writes a nice slow progression to the emotional climax of the book. I think that is what I love most about her couples in other books. You feel as though she is writing a story that you are actually living in. A real relationship that evolves over time. I would not say that Leah is like most of Ashley's heroines. In Knight, for example, the heroine is portrayed as a mousey, young and not very self-assured woman....while Leah is older, more comfortable in her skin and much more aggressive in getting what she wants.

The story inches slowly up-hill, each step tightening the screw a little more. It becomes increasingly difficult for this couple to exist as they fall in love with each other. Friends from both Lucian and Leah's past emerge as well as enemies and Lucian's ex-wife/mate who all try to pull them apart. The harder they all try the closer these two become meshing as a couple. You just can't imagine where they will find a way to be together. Romeo and Juliet meet Lucian and Leah.....But the resolution is exciting, unexpected and satisfying. True love does prevail!
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