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Fallen by Lauren Kate
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May 29, 12

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Read from May 22 to 29, 2012

I give this book 3...and a half.

Its very slow to begin with and then towards the end of the book everything happens to fast! so its a 'WHAAAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?' ending.

Its a bit predictable and lacks humour but I like the story line. Its a book that you have to read to find out what happens. It just needed more pace and more one liners. To be honest it just need more Arriane who is officially my favourite character in the book. She's funny and quirky and it was a let down that we didn't see much of her because, like with a lot of characters, she was more 'mentioned' than involved if that makes sense. Even Penn. I just think the characters could of been involved more. I would of liked to have got to know them better. Basically the whole books is Luce, Danial, Cam and random 'once in a while' encounters with other characters.

I really liked the ending - but was very frustrated with it at the same time. It was very fast and 'whoaa' and at the end I kind of just stared at the books like '....what..?' With all the questions left hanging in the air though I'm definitely going to read the sequel.

I read the second half of this book in one day (as I like to read books in a couple of sittings) so that's probably why I liked the ending more than the beginning. When I read books in several sittings (like I did with the first half) I get bored and frustrated - no idea why. Damn work.
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Reading Progress

05/22/2012 page 42
05/24/2012 page 100
22.0% "Its taken me a while to get into this book but I think thats only because I read #
'unearthly' before it and so I was kind of comparing them (which is precisely what I DIDN'T want to do!) But I'm really starting to like it - Luce is kind of annoying me...a little. Tomorrow my aim is to get at least half way (I would try and finish the book but Im working - DAMN WORK!) HOPEFULLY I'll get into it more."
05/25/2012 page 123
27.0% "The problem with this book is its slow to start! I like it - well Im liking it at the moment anyway but its slow and I can't see where the stories going! But so far so good."
05/26/2012 page 173
38.0% "OKAY, So Im getting a little bit more into it now! I feel so sorry for Luce! If I didn't know this was a story about angels then I'd definitely think she was crazy - although I think thats the point. Cam is brilliant and I have a set of predictions but imnot going to write them because the last time I did that with 'unearthly' I was proved wrong! Again I'll say its slow paced but its still a page turner. Onward!"
05/26/2012 page 187
41.0% "Gabbe, Arianne and Danial + co are DEFINITELY protecting her - from cam. Am I right? Im right. This is one of my predictions. Awkward if I get it wrong. Cams a bad guy. =( I like cam."
05/26/2012 page 240
53.0% "I WILL finish this tonight. EVEN if I don't sleep."
05/28/2012 page 305
67.0% "chapter 15. My biggest problem is I would HATE my parents if they sent me off to a horrible hell hole and if a guy treated ME the way danial was treating her I wouldn't give him a second thought - so this 'feeling' must be a very strong one! I shall have this book finished by tomorrow because, even though I like it, its annoying the hell out of me!"
05/29/2012 page 358
79.0% "I FINALLY know why its so hard for me to read this book! THERES NO HUMOUR! Okay, so I know its not meant to be a humorous book BUT neither is 'unearthly' by Cynthia Hand - yet Hand adds humour and makes it a much better read - if this book added more one liners - which is possible with characters such as Arriane - and made it a more fast pace this book would be a much better read."
05/29/2012 page 367
81.0% "*SPOILER*
The image of her in the book in a past life is wearing what she's wearing on the cover of the book! ooooooooh! The black ball gown dress, the black lace wristlets..that dark long hair...awwww."
05/29/2012 page 367
81.0% "*SPOILER*
The image of her in the book in a past life is wearing what she's wearing on the cover of the book! ooooooooh! The black ball gown dress, the black lace wristlets..that dark long hair...awwww."
05/29/2012 page 367
81.0% "finally - arrianes back in the story - its like half the character had been forgotten. They're just mentioned from time to time and blablablaaa so frustrating. Let me guess they're all going to suddenly reappear? You can't just miss main characters out of the book for like....half the book then suddenly bring them all in at the same time. So annoying."
05/29/2012 page 384
85.0% "NOOOOOOOW its getting interesting and poor penn! I have a feeling she's going to die. She's going to die isn't she..? Arriane - brilliant. She should have been in this book more. That'd add the missing humour!!! Why is Danial damned...and why does she also seemed to be damned? Because if its something that HES done why does SHE also suffer? Why should SHE have die? That hardly seems fair???"
05/29/2012 page 410
91.0% "SPOILERS!!!!!

I knewwww Penn was going to die - that was one of my predictions!
The stories been so slow now everything's happening so fast its hard to keep up. Now I WANT to read on because theres so many questions to be answered and dare I say intrigued. If the book was like this right from the start I would of finished it by now - I cant stand it when a book takes me several sittings to read!"
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Aishah I completely agree with your review, it's exactly how I felt about and it took me more than 3 sittings which usually makes me lose interest, I hope the sequels are better though I haven't heard positive stuff about it.

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