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Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley
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Apr 14, 2012

it was amazing
Read from April 14 to 17, 2012

aaahhhh my rock chicks .....*sigh* how i have missed the !!!!!

Luke has always been 1 of my fav's in the "Hot Bunch" he is intense, scary & sexy as hell but also has a soft affectionate side that totally makes me "all melty "

so i put off or "saved" this book for when i really needed a bit of "melty " :)
i was also a bit anxious that his lu interest Ana would not live up to my expectations .........ok ok i also like to think of luke as saving himself 4 me lol .........what do u mean he is a fictional character ????? NNOOOOOOOOOO !!!! teeheeee

so anyhoo , just to set the record straight , AVE (Lukes other luv interest besides me )totally lived up to my expectations .....& omg her inner good Ava & bad Ava battles totally cracked me up !!!! baaahaaa. see i have a good & bad sali that argue like ALL the time .....good sali :stop cussing in ur reviews...bad sali :fuck that the F word shows ur passionate guess which 1 usually wins .....oh yer u guys know bad sali takes over a lot .....sry bout that lol

I have a special place in my heart 4 the ROCK CHICK series . it brings out my inner goddess & her pom pom shaking & i luv the way that make me feel like im part of the girl crew as im reading them .oh & the "Hot Bunch" r uber hot & rev my engine every time with their marcho man possessivenessmmmmmm yummy :)
saying this im going to go out on a limb & say that RC Revenge is my favourite !!!!
I know ,i know big call but i enjoyed every minute of it !!
it could just be that ive had a big break between my Rock Chick books so i had the full impact of there awesomeness . it could also be my massive soft spot 4 Luke but i dont think so :)

so there u go , thats all im going to say coz u know me i dont give away plot ...........oowww but i will give u 1 juice tidbit ....look out 4 Lukes surface swipe ....oh dont worry u will know what i mean when u read it mmmmmm HOT .....oh oh oh & Ren ! i freaking loved Ren mmmmmmm Reeeeennn !!

Oh & 4 u Shirleen fans ( putting my hand up here ) Shirleen is on fire in this book lmfao ....Shee-it girl i luv me some Shirleen & her badass afro & badass attitude !!!look out 4 some classic quote worthy shirleen ;lol

ok in true sali form i sign out by sayin

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04/14/2012 "ohhhh my rock chicks how i have missed u !!!! its like going home to am old friend luv luv luv it" 2 comments

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Bakudis Hai Sali Great Review,

Luke from previous book too much of a player, but from Renegade he seemed to have serious feelings for jules, do you think that's Love or just kind of like to someone?

i just dont like if ava be second best. ")..

And ava has good time too, when Ren say if he should move in not give Ava time after Dexter, hahaha,

but i rather dont like with this

"He was right. He should have moved in. However, if he had I wouldn’t have had my chance with Luke."

its kind like she not sure her feeling to Luke. So easy for her to fall with other guy when in this book she in love with Luke for a long time.

and This :
All of a sudden, my mind was filled with having sex with Ren under a warm, balmy, tropical, starry night and they were happy thoughs.

yeaah like Ren is Hot, but AVA have one guy hot she love and it's kind weird to think like that.

sorry if i ask some weird question, :)

hahaha, o yeah and i can't wait for Ren and Ally story

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