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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Apr 15, 2012

really liked it

Can a book about kids killing kids be fun? YES! The first 50 pages or so (maybe 100?) are brutally boring but when this book gets going it really gets exciting and it has everything: political commentary, a love triangle, a gay man doing hair and makeup, a creepy old dude who is randomly wise during bouts of sobriety, a war between rich and poor, a classic tale of good vs. evil, and yes, lots of kids killing kids. I remember recommending this book to an avid book reader in my office about 6 months ago. He hadn't heard of it, which I found kind of shocking. He asked me what it was about. I had a hard time explaining the storyline but it came down to kids killing kids. He said that it sounded awful, and objectively the idea of this book does sound awful but it is executed very well and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This book is becoming a cultural icon and it's an easy read so you might as well give it a go. The second and third books are not as good but this one is very good. Strongly recommended.

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