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Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston
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Apr 13, 2012

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bookshelves: paranormal-romance

This was such a fun book and it makes me really wish that Goodreads let us use 1/2 stars because this book wasn't a 3 for me nor was it a 4. A smack-dab in the middle 3.5 for me.

What I loved about it - it was fun. The verbal play between Cella & Crush was fun to read.

What keeps it from being a 4 for me is that the writing felt a little....schizophrenic. It hopped about through so many points of view that certain key things got lost in the shuffle. We're briefly in Mike Callahan's point of view but after he gets to tell what happened - we never hear about him again. Considering the poor kid was hunted and the author put me in his POV for a scene - that gave me just enough time to care about him.

I always get a little sad when it's a book with shapeshifting characters and no one shifts their shape.

And I felt like this really cool shapeshifting world got the short end of the stick. There was so much "ooh look sharpy retorts and name calling" that the world got a little lost. I never got a clear sense of whether the shapeshifters are a secret or not For a 300 page story, I kept wanting just a little bit more. More legend of the world, more from the characters, more from the story. And then there's the whole relationship between Cella and her daughter. I'm not entirely sure I understand it and it always felt a little disconnected. Perhaps that was the point but again I wanted...more. I'm not even sure I like Cella. I'm kind of on the fence about her.

But there were giggle out loud moments, there were moments like when Cella got hurt during the hockey game...that drew me into the story. Those were the moments that made me want more. Just a little bit more.

And maybe seeing Crush in all his polar bear glory. That would've been something too.

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