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Fear by Michael  Grant
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Apr 15, 12

Read from April 13 to 15, 2012

** spoiler alert ** well this ended up to be better then expected. I think now the whole clear bubble thing will be very strange for the next book. Also can some one tell me if Diana is evil now??? I also wonder if Gaia is going to out age her mom, that would be almost as strange as little Pete making wolf people.

Some of my thoughts-
I really did like the book, or maybe just the ending. Truly i liked the characters more in the earlier books, like Sam used to be a Pit pull and now he is some kicked puppy. but i do like Cine better in this book, i really liked him after Penny brought him way down. I think that out of every character, i hated Astrid. i would have rather had Dekka and Sam then Astrid and Sam but for Dekka u really hope her friendship with Orc gets bugger but nothing more. I like Quinn and think him and Lana should get in a more friendly relationship, maybe some kissing. Out of every one i love Drake, he is the one person to stay truly crazy through out the books. This may be really weird but i kinda think Gaia should force him and Diana to get together. weird right?

thats really it. it was good.

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Reading Progress

04/13/2012 page 136
27.0% "well i wasn't planning on reading this book but i was in the air-port and i didn't have a book and my kindle said i should recommended it so i gave it a shot and so far its soooo good! i don't know why but i kinda hope Astrid falls off a cliff."
04/14/2012 page 218
43.0% "is it strange that i almost want Diana and Sam...???"
04/14/2012 page 237
47.0% "i wish that they could just know what was happening every where because some people are really left out of the loop.lol. :l"
04/14/2012 page 413
81.0% "wow i read a lot. And i want to jump in the book and smack Sam across the face, not just because of of Astrid but because he is just always on her thinking of her, wanting to do her, just like SHUT THE FUCK UP! I DONT CARE! I. DONT. LIKE. HER. I just really used to like Sams character a lot more and now all he thinks about is sex. And i wish Sam and Caine like joined forces and make their brother-ship a bigger deal."

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