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Apr 13, 2012

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I hate this series sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much... I just finished 9th book and the only thing i kinda liked in it was Aphrodite (okay Stark and Rephaim can be good sometimes)... I mean it could be a great story but the way its written and its even worse when they translate it to my language :S And there are some promising characters who actually not as stupid and irritating as Zoey and then they turn into a crybaby or just i don't know its like they aren't worth it to b written as well as before... And how many 'last books' will be in this series????????? I mean REALLY????????? >.< this was at least the third one claimed to be the ending :/ And in this book almost nothing had happened until the last chapter where they tried to make a whole book's story in... and the result is the book has been finished in the middle and they decided to write an other one
Don't ask why I keep reading this... i just want to know how will it end... I must be a masochist
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message 1: by H.o.n (new)

H.o.n Bigtimefan Okay I have something I want to get off my chest. I've been reading these comments expecting to see a bunch of excited H.O.N fans just like me. And I've seen one or two but mostly I seen a bunch of haters. Yes i said haters. Who clearly have spent their precious time reading more than one or two books of the series. If you hate it soooo much why do you even care how it ends. That absolutely makes no sense. Like seriously get over yourselves. As I have said before the authors must be doing something right because you're still spend YOUR money and buying THEIR books that YOU supposedly hate oh so much... get real. If you don't like it stop buying and stop reading point blank period. End of story. *sigh* That felt so ggod to get off my chest by the way...Bye!:)

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