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Das ist auch euer Krieg by Heike Groos
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Aug 13, 12

bookshelves: 2012, german, history, military
Read in April, 2012

I have family and friends fighting in Afghanistan. Do you? Do you even know if you do?

(in fact, I have this one guy who's over there who I'd really really like to meet again, but I have no way of contacting him, which kinda sucks.)

If you are German, please read this book.


I know I'm more interested in military history than most people, but this isn't about military history. This is about German history. About a part that seems to be completely forgotten in the media and public - the fact that we are - RIGHT NOW - fighting in a war in Afghanistan.

Yes, I know, you people don't want to hear that. Germany fighting a war in another country, makes everyone a bit squeezy, right? But let's call a duck a duck and a war a war, and yes, we are involved. And I think we owe it to ourselves, our history, and our soldiers (cause that's right, too, we have soldiers, you know), to face that fact and deal with it. ESPECIALLY because we are German. Because if we should have learned one thing from history is that looking away and being silent is really not a solution, right?

But oh no, we are ignoring Afghanistan. Actually, we are mostly ignoring the whole fucking Bundeswehr right now.

Wake up, people, this is not how this works. You need to watch and listen and inform yourself and then speak up, no matter if it is to support or to protest. Just don't sit there and look away, please.

//half-political rant over

Anyway, as there is almost not literature about our involvement in Afghanistan, and as this is not written by Heike Groos (whose book I didn't like, see my review, for other reasons), I would really like everyone to read this. German soldiers (or people otherwise involved in Afghanistan), speaking up about their time their.


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