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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
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Apr 12, 2012

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This book was... enlightening. First off, even though i did quite enjoy reading this book, I well be the first to agree that Dan Brown is not that great of a writer. His descriptions kinda sucked, and at some points made the book slightly hard to completely follow. With that said, the plot, in my humble opinion, was actually pretty good. In a world where you can't walk two feet in a bookstore without stumbling on another trashy, fluffed up romance novel where there is NO PLOT WHAT SO EVER it is refreshing to read a book where something goes on. Sadly, I feel the author went too fast from one thing to the next and never stopped to breath and, you know, describe things. The real reason I liked this book wasn't really for the writing, the characters (who were slightly two-dimensional), or even for the plot. I enjoyed reading this book simply because it made me think. Not only did I like learning some interesting details of symbolism, but the book showed me a new angle to look at the history of the Church. In a way, it set me on the path to thinking about religion itself.
And for those who criticize the book for it's supposed "slander" of the church and Jesus himself,I honestly can't help but wonder if we read the same book. The theories they have presented in no way make Jesus a bad person, or ruin his image. They just give us the possibility that we have been misinformed. As the bible was written several years AFTER Christ, it is quite possible that some "details" were altered. Just looking at the differences between the four Gospels is astounding. So is it possible that the story has changed over the past 2000 years? Of course! And in the event that what the book claims is true, dose is make the catholic church evil? Just because some high powered religious men hypothetically altered the truth thousands o years ago dose not erase the help that the church has provided spiritually, and through their many organizations. It is a fact that you should well accept that the church was created by men, and therefore is not perfect in any way. As a dedicated (or as dedicated as a teenager can be) Catholic myself who has attended Catholic school since kindergarten, grown up in a catholic family, and been fed the befitted of the church since birth,I appreciated seeing it from an angle i wasn't used to. Regardless of the writing in this book, it must be appreciated that it has brought up the opportunity for many people to learn about their faith from a different angle, so that you may better understand and truly believe in your faith, rather then just be spoon fed the same religious answers without ever stopping to look at what they are.

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