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Devil on the Cross by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
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Nov 28, 14

bookshelves: schooly, feministy
Read in August, 2007

So far so boring. I feel bad judging it, seeing as I've read very little, but I don't think the translation works quite, it's missing its soul or something. Or maybe I just don't like the style. I don't get all the biblical or cultural or whatever-they-are where they just all of a sudden start telling a depressing story and repeating themselves or singing...Maybe I just don't get it, but it's not very engaging. And the names confuse me. Sooooo...finishing this book will be rather painful.

The only thing that saved this book from the "sucky" shelf was the ending. My negative visceral reaction aligned me with the people Ngugi is portraying as The Devil in a way that made me stop and re-evaluate my impulse to deem it "sucky." It was interesting and thought-provoking in retrospect. But so very confrontational. When it comes to thought-provoking confrontational African writers, I prefer Coetzee. Coetzee is at least enjoyable to read.
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Picklevictory mm i'm afraid to read this book, and seeing your rating i am more afraid....the text font looked tiny and boring to begin with. I don't really dig squished spaced text, hurts my eeeeeyes..

Picklevictory omg, i just looked at other ratings for this book. Why the hell do people rate it so high? weirdos

Picklevictory Dude, yeah i felt bad at thinking this was a crappy book. The ending did totally save it...dooood like the last several jaw dropped. i was just like :O ... O__o
I actually liked maybe the last 3rd of it or so, but the beginning was way too boring. I think what made the translation all weird is that the author himself translated it. So maybe his english isn't, like, the best so the translation didn't turn out to make total sense. Maybe if someone else translated it, it would have been betta. Man if the the first half was a little more engaging, i might give this one a 4..maybe...meh. i gotta cram house of spirits....waaahhhh -___- lol

Graham really.. you voted against it without even finishing it? really. the names were confusing to you? I hear the new Dean Koontz is good.

Tortla Did you finish my review? I referenced the ending of the book as one of its only redeeming qualities. The names were confusing, but that's not my only objection to the book. I just didn't really like it.

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Shannon uhoh tortla, i hope we didnt catch us another smug randomperson.

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