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Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Jane Espenson
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Buried In Print I never really "got" this until now; this series picks up where the show left off. Cool!

message 2: by Sharlene (new) - added it

Sharlene And sadly I had forgotten earlier characters like Oz, who makes an appearance in this book. Guess it's time for a re-watch!

Buried In Print But they stand up so well on re-watching, and you can always re-read the GN series afterwards, too. Oh, that could take awhile, but it'll be fun!

message 4: by Sharlene (new) - added it

Sharlene I know... I am so tempted. I had only finished watching the series last year (I am a very late latecomer). And when it was over I just wanted to watch it all again! It's just like me and Gilmore Girls. I feel the need to rewatch it every now and then.

Buried In Print Are you the same about watching Serenity? I've only re-watched some of those, but I've been thinking of working it into the routine-of-re-watching.

Buried In Print Oops. Not Serenity, Firefly. *hangs head in shame at lack of fan-dom*

message 7: by Sharlene (new) - added it

Sharlene Oh indeed! I just rewatched Firefly earlier this year, as well as Serenity. That makes for my... third? rewatch so far.

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