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Grace of Day by S.L. Naeole
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Nov 22, 13

someone please kill me!
a picture of me begging to get stabbed
That how bored I was.
I don't remember if I had gotten to the end and I dont even care.
Robert is too perfect.
Everybody have something that is annoying about them.
Look at grace all she does is annoying me,and robert says the perfect thing every time!
Would it kill him to curse once?
Cuz angels aren't perfect anymore .
Look at Patch from HUSH HUSH.
yeh i know there is this halo above their heads which doesn't appear in this book.
If robert would had had one I may actually like him cuz it is kinda cool in a wierd way.
May I say that even edward wasn't perfect?
He left Bella!
Could it had been so awful if robert would have left Grace?
let me spell it NO .
Every minute I read about how much Grace adores him I wanted to slap her for more than one reason.

The reasons why i wanted to slap Grace:
1.she isn't a freak but she call herself one.
yeh grace we understand that everybody think that you are one but plihh-zee have some self respect.
2.she has a stupid dumb ass ex best friend -which name I don't remember so let call him DA aka dumb-ass.
He has no personallity and Grace is a total sucker .
I must say he surprised me for the best when he marriend the blind chick- which name I also don't remember-let'S call her BC aka blind they get married and he becomes immortal -a total shock !when really i can't see what so amazing -or what so ever- about him.only one thing i must give him credit for he is a blond hottie (is he blond ?i think so..)and the BC is a totall BP(beautiful person) so what the hack who can blame the guy?and he totally slept with her and the head bitch of his school. so goo DA!
3.oh no i haven't finished about him the first book i thought he was a jerk and he trully was (but he changed cuz he missed his best friend and yada yada) and Grace was stupid-she is stpid in generally but this is just another reason-to fall for her best friend when she thought herself as the freak and him as the god. of the best things i loved about her is that she was part asian ,but somehow Grace made it this freaking bad deal when i thing it kinda made her prettish,but our Grace is nothing like that .no no no folks she hates that about her .every time i found something i liked about her .BOOOM!!! it came right back to my face cuz surprise surprise Grace hates herself.she seriously needs a shrink that will help her improve her self image .if someone have a number of a good one please email it to her email:
thanks for the help we would really aprriciate it-i am kidding of course she doesn't need one she has her own private one .
To top it all i will show you one of Grace's and robert's emotional conversations .Don't worry there are plenty in the book ,cuz teens have very deep conversitions with each other .
espesially with boys cuz they are so deep!

G : rob i love you i will die for you !
(please help yourself)
R: no grace my angel my whole excitence i had never felt anything like i feel for you . you are my love, my destiny, my heart will die without you and i will never be whole again .if you die i will die with you my Grace .please let me save you from the darkness that wants to take you away from me. if i must die to save you i would but i can't cuz i am death (sucks for you man-wouldn' wanna be you)even if i will be banished from earth remember me ,and if you will die i will find you my love, that i can promise you.
G:ohh rob i love you too!why don't you want to sleep with me?is that cuz i am an ugly freak cuz i totally am .
R: of course i wanna sleep with you but we must get married first .will you marry me Grace?
G: sure lets do it!

soo as you can see i changes things a bit but believe me it was for your own damm good.sometimes there were paragraphs full of crap so i had to get to end of the page to get to the point and i understood it even better .
i think the characthers are too emotionals in the bad way even the guys. i was waiting the whole series for the moment when DA and R would cry and if they had, it would made the whole series worse it .
i wanted to see grace understand how not freaky she is -and i think that she did- in a crazy way she did.

so that is my review of this book that i read 6 months ago and can still remember all of the stupid things in it .
The only thing i like is robert's accent because i have a weakness for british guys but he has a boring name. Couldn't he be a Whyne or Oliver?it sounds cuter.I could see grace with an Oliver.

yours truly bookgeek,
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