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The Baseball Codes by Jason Turbow
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Apr 21, 2012

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(Reader response drivel--not much of an actual review)

A well-written explanation of the codes and unwritten rules of major league baseball and their evolution over the history of the game. Bottom line: respect your fellow players, the coaches, the umpires, and the game itself. Show disrespect to anyone of these and you will receive retaliation. I consider myself a peaceful person, but somehow became happily blood thirsty and enjoyed these tales of revenge. Because it is a game, maybe?

I had to hurry up and finish when the mentality started seeping into my life. Best example? Perusing the kid's books and toys at a thrift store, some (scumbag, slimey, jacka$^, mofo, son of a bi%$#)guy started hounding me about my daughter who was coughing all over her hand and then picking up the toys (SHE WAS NOT). He proceeded to tell me that I should instruct her not to do that, that she should know better, and that I should be teaching her this. First, I started to defend myself. Then I realized it was not worth it and ignored him. My blood boiled further. Finally, taking a cue from Mr. Turbow's book I knew that I had to revenge and retaliate--get even not mad--for the disrespect that was shown to my daughter and myself. So, my little head started thinking of how I was going to bean this guy in the head outside of the store with my blazing fastball.

I quickly realized that this was uncivilized, that I did not want to turn this guy into Ray Chapman (killed by a beanball), it was impractical ( I did not have a baseball . . . there probably was one in the back of the store though(damn, did not think of that)), and I do not actually have a blazing fastball. So, I just had to stew about it and curse him under my breath. Of course there is always "Patient Revenge" . . .

Nah, I'm over it. The book was returned to the library before these ideas took me over by osmosis.

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