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Red & Black by James Swallow
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Sep 11, 14

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Read on October 09, 2013

With the upcoming digital Adepta Sororitas codex on the horizon, I thought it time to revisit Red & Black, an audio story I couldn't really remember.

And, to be honest, I finished listening to it a few moments ago and I've already forgotten half of it. It's very, very hard to pay attention to, and when you do notice things, it's generally how bad the voices are. From an extremely repetitious beginning to over-the-top accents (the emphrah of holy terrah), from Miriya's wishy-washy dreamy voice to the utterly awful attempt at the sole male character, Adept Nolan.

I don't think it was necessarily the fault of James Swallow. Having read his two Sisters of Battle novels, I know for a fact he can be a good writer with clear voices in his work, but it just didn't translate for this particular story. It is much too easy to stop listening to it, it's too easy to get caught up in the relatively poor voice work and, generally, I found it hard to care. It's like a bunch of (potentially) good elements came together and the end result was something that borders on 'terrible'.

I'm wishing I hadn't bothered to give this a second chance. I spent the last half of it wishing it was over.

--- Original Review From April '12 ---
I was quite looking forward to this, but I found my attention to constantly wane whilst listening.

The acting seemed to be a little flat, too. A lot of the voices sounded too similar, and the sole male actor was not particularly strong.

Probably one for die-hard Sisters of Battle/audio drama fans only, I'd say.

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