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Afterlight by Elle Jasper
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Apr 23, 2012

it was ok
Read in April, 2012

Whew. I'm glad that's over with. I read through this book as fast as I could. Afterlight is nothing unique. It's very predictable. And it annoyed the shit out of me. It reminded me of a mixed, adult version of Twilight and Lost Boys. At least in this adult version of "Twilight" our main character is an interesting grown adult and not a bland high school student who still didn't know shit about life. Which was my main problem with Twilight. That bitch was too young to be having a relationship like that. lol Jealous? ....Maybe?) Even so, Afterlight was still pretty bad.

The sex was ok. Just ok. It woke me up enough when the pages were becoming a blur. I've gotta say the best thing out of the book was the main female leading character, Riley Poe. I loved how the author portrayed her differently than all the other books I've read. She had the same smart ass, tough girl attitude that I like but she was also inked up and dressed as the gothic/industrial style. As well as a tattoo artist. I thought that was pretty interesting. She had an interesting past as well. Which, I wish the author had got into a little more. Especially the story involving her mothers death.

On the other hand, our Lover Boy (Eli) was a bit dull. (dull..... well at least he didn't sparkle. hahahaha) He was just..... what can I say? he was dull!! Possessive. Mysterious. But seriously nothing that made me swoon. Nothing that picked him apart, that made him special. Blah!

What really annoyed me with this book was the insane, useless, amount of detail the author filled the pages with. It's like the whole story line took place in a matter of 5 days and she just NEEDED something to add to fill the pages out. For example, I couldn't give two shits about "how" Riley was driving and "how" she stopped the car. USELESS information! But when the bad guy transformed into a scary creature, she passed right over it like it was nothing. THAT would have been cool details to add, .....but she didn't.

If that wasn't bad enough, this whole book is 10 chapters. That makes each chapter at least 20 pages. Do you really need each chapter to be that long? With not even little breaks? It may not bother some people but it's a huge turn off for me. Especially when I'm not enjoying the story.

I hate to sound so negative but considering there are mixed reviews of this book, I had to add my 2 cents. Hopefully giving someone a clearer picture and helping them decide if they think it's worth reading. Thank god I got this from the library!! Because I, myself, hated it. BUT, I bit the bullet, in hoping it's just the first book that's hard to get through and the rest of the series gets much better. Like a lot of series start out. I hope so, because the covers are so enticing!

[[On second thought, I don't think I will be reading the rest of the series. By the reviews written, the second book has all the same things that irritated me with this book. Only worse! No thanks.]]

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