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Soulbound by Heather Brewer
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Apr 11, 2012

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Read in May, 2012

The book is about the born Healer Kaya who's quite a rebellious little thing. She was hiding her status in order to avoid being sent off to a academy just for Barrons and Healers. As you can guess, she gets found out and sent anyway. Too bad everyone in the school follows the Protocol which dictates every single action. Of course, Kaya's going to do whatever she can to break the rules.

I am very pleased with this book! I was a bit uncertain when I started reading this because I'm not a big fan of school setting books. They tend to devolve into cliches. Aside from one or two instances/characters, Brewer managed to avoid this! The book was engaging and fast-paced.The action scenes are done pretty well. I can always tell what's happening.

As interesting as the story was, the characters weren't. Now, I understand that it's difficult to be original when you're competing with so many other authors. But it's still very discouraging to find that so much of the book was very predictable. Darrius is the secretive brooding jerk and Kaya is the smart-mouthed chick unsure of her feelings. I do approve of Trayton though! He's a very sensible guy who is oh so very flawed but is still sweet. I was happy to see that he responded rationally rather than jump to conclusions like you'd expect from the male lead in other books.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys high school setting books with a dash of fantasy and plenty of action. Although there is magical healing, you see more work with the katana than that. IF you're looking for books with lots of character development and interesting relationships, then you should look elsewhere. However, this book is great for readers who are looking for some good actiony fun because there's plenty of that here!

Won in a review in return for an honest review. I would also point out that I read an ARC so things might hopefully get changed. Definitely read the other reviews before making a decision :)

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