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Skylark by Meagan Spooner
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Apr 15, 2012

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3.5 stars - I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, there were parts that really blew me away. On the other hand, this book was just okay compared to a lot of other dystopian books I have read, and I felt there were too many holes.

First of all, I don't think Spooner did a very good job setting up the scene for us. I had a hard time picturing everything because the setting description was very confusing. Also, I couldn't tell whether this book took place in the future (I just got that feeling with the dystopian setting) or the past (I thought perhaps steampunk because there were carriages and clockwork devices). Spooner had also given us a glimpse of the family in the cottage. She had explained about the memories and such, but this was never brought up again, so I'm not sure what it really have to do with the book. It felt like it was just thrown in there. But it partly makes me believe that this story happened in the future and life used to be normal.

But Spooner never set up the story for us on how her world. Was that way (was there an apocalypse and this is how everything survived? Why was the government set up that way? I still don't really understand what the Resource is other than it's some sort of powerful energy. Did something happen in order for children to have the Resource or was it a result of something that happened before this book began? Or is it a naturally accepted thing like how witches have magic? And the shadowed people or dark ones or Them? How did that come about?

As for the progression of the book, I was interested more for the sake of curiosity than for being intrigued. Setting aside the confusion, I thought there were parts that really dragged. And I'm a fan of dystopian because there's so much involved with the desperation for survival, and I only felt a bit of that. As for their journey, there wasn't too much that happened. So overall, it was just an okay book for the dystopian genre.

Now the story of Oren and what happened at the end totally blew me away, and I'm tempted to bump it up just for that. I had not expected that at all, and it really broke my heart. And hindsight is 20/20, so when I think back, it explains an awful lot. However, I don't think it really explains their first encounter. WARNING: DO NOT CLICK THIS SPOILER UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK. (view spoiler)

Overall, it was a very enjoyable book, and I'm eager to read what happens next. I just felt there was too much missing, and I would have liked to get a better overall concept of what this book was about.

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