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Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover
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Apr 19, 12

Read on April 16, 2012

Point of Retreat picks up just after the Slammed epilogue. (If you haven't read Slammed... well, you shouldn't be reading reviews for the sequel! So go away and read Slammed, and then we'll talk, k?)

First up - this one is in Will's POV. I lurve getting the guy's POV, so I was all aboard for that. In the first book, Will and Layken lived through a tumultuous beginning to their relationship, which included not only forbidden love, but also the loss of the only remaining parent between the two of them. The ties that bind them are first and foremost a very strong attraction and inherent likeness of spirit. Both loving, sensitive and loyal people, they are each devoted to their little brothers, and determined to be there for them.

When Lake's mother dies, Will and she have even more hardship and heartache in common. What stunned me was that Hoover managed to turn the similarities between these two into the problem between them. The miracle that moved Lake across the country to within literal feet of a man who was living with the same pain she was enduring (and would soon endure more of), the miracle of the two younger brothers becoming immediate fast friends, the miracle of the intense attraction between Will and Lake is all called into question. By his ex-GF. The girl who deserted him when his parents died and he gave up everything to become a parent to his brother.

I saw this coming - that Vaughn would show up and come to her senses - realizing she'd thrown away a lovely, amazing guy. That she'd try to weasel her way back in. That she might cause some moments of confusion and distress. Especially if Will did that thing guys do, where they think it's better not to tell something "because you might get mad"? (One of the dumbest male thought patterns ever, btw.) But I thought: That skank's got nothing to say after deserting Will like that. There's no reason for him to listen to her.

But the skank is smart. She finds the weak spot and she slams her fist into it. She asks one question of Will: What if you're only with her because you know how all of this feels, and you only feel sorry for her?

Lake takes that question and fashions it into every possible real fear she can imagine: What if we're only together because of those similarities - the loss of our parents, the upbringing of our brothers. What happens to us when the similarities are no longer at the forefront, when the hard times end? Does he really love me?

Will has to decide when it's time to stand up and know what he wants, say what he wants, take what he wants and make it butterflying real. And Layken has to decide if what Will says is actual truth, or just what he wants - however desperately - to be the truth.
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message 2: by Tammara (new) - added it

Tammara Alexis wrote: "Awesome Review!!!"

Thank you! :)

Thamy I have book 2 ready, is Vaugh is anything like Brooke I will throw fits in pure rage lol

message 4: by Tammara (new) - added it

Tammara Thamy wrote: "I have book 2 ready, is Vaugh is anything like Brooke I will throw fits in pure rage lol"

Uh-oh. O_o

Deepika Very nice review!! Seriously great!! Best review on this page!

message 6: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy is there any cheating in it because i dont think i want to read it if there is?

Czarina Alright I'll read Slammed! Lol. I laughed at your first paragraph. I love it. We'll talk after I read Slammed. :)

Kristine "the skank is smart" lol

Deepika Lizzy wrote: "is there any cheating in it because i dont think i want to read it if there is?"

No there isn't.. Thank God for that! :P I mean thank Colleen!
Bcuz like u.. I would rather sit in a dark room alone by myself for years n years than read about a world where will cheats on lake..

Stacey Conrad thanks for this review. I was at 28% and trying to decide if I was in for"secret"drama. I needed to know what to expect so I could push through.

Shaelyn thank you thank you for letting me know will does not cheat on Lake!! I had to know before I could read any further, I think cheating is probably the worst thing imaginable! So after class when Will decides its probably better not to tell her? I had to know before I read any further! Thank you Colleen!

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