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The Hoarder in You by Robin Zasio
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Apr 11, 2012

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In the 1-5 hoarder continuun, from neat freak to hoarder, I am, actually a 4. I don't actually hoard anything (with 1 exception) and I don't have ANY trouble throwing things away, usually. I constantly have a bag of clothes set to donate, I sell stuff at a community yard sale every year. That said, I'm a huge slob. There is crap in every room of my house. I throw some away but it's still a total mess. So this book gave me hints on how to tackle this in small doses which were helpful. I immediately cleaned out the freezer by asking the question she asks of hoarders to get them to throw out food - this might still be safe, but it's probably no longer tasty. Also, that Trader Joe's frozen food that you didn't really like? Cut your losses. You don't want to eat it. Throw it out. And I did. It was interesting! However, I think I really need Robin Zasio herself to come over to my house and make me do this de-cluttering. Kind encouragement of "just a little bit at a time" can easily become, "You know, start whenever." That clutter ain't going anywhere.
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Jamie Oh yeah. With the exception of my weird attachment to magazines and boxes, I can throw anything out. I just don't care most of the time! There's always something more interesting to do.

message 2: by Martine (new)

Martine I know how you feel! I'm a definite 4 and slowly creeping into a 5. I'm rather overwhelmed. I am not sure I have any emotional attachment to things, but I do feel a reluctance to let it go. Mostly I'm one of these people "out of sight out of mind". So when I find things, I'm reminded what I wanted it for, why I got it in the first place. And that feeling keeps me from letting go. I'm just not sure where to start. My sister said she would come and help, but I'm a bit embarrassed at having to ask for help. Also part of me knows that if she comes, they will be no more procrastinating.

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