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The Arrangement by Cat Grant
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Apr 11, 2012

really liked it
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Eric Courtland is on his second marriage, to Allison Taylor-Courtland. She is the perfect wife for a man running a race to be a US senator. While he loves his wife, he cannot be completely available to her as he is also in love with another. Ever since college, Nick Thompson has been in love with Eric. Their on-again, off-again relationship is a series of secret trysts that must fit within the confines of Eric’s busy life. When Allison discovers the affair, she confronts Nick, and demands that he ends the relationship. Eric however proposes a different solution and the three embark on a journey to determine if there is a way for them to cultivate a relationship without sacrificing their own needs.

Eric truly loves Allison and Nick, and needs both of them in order to be happy. Although they each love Eric as well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that either one wants to accommodate a third person in their relationship. Initially Allison and Nick fight for Eric’s attention and affections, but they quickly learn that they both want the same thing and to share is better than to not have at all. However knowing that does not stop the natural jealousy that comes with sharing your lover. They both work to embrace their new relationship, and over time their emotions and sexual desires for each other deepen. They find that their bond together is as strong as the one they each share with Eric. Through various trials, Allison and Nick provide support for both each other and Eric while at the same time struggling with communication issues within their relationship.

The Arrangement is a powerful emotional journey which explores the very realistic issues that exist when three people decide to enter into a relationship together. It delves into the emotional challenges that both Allison and Nick face in their struggle to love Eric and accept each other. It is refreshing to read a story that does not gloss over the difficulties that come with any relationship. The foundation is hard work, and each character stumbles along the way, especially when it comes to communication. Eric has been so focused on a singular purpose regarding his political career that he often neglects those he loves and doesn’t allow them to be themselves. Allison and Nick, on the other hand, have become experts at making things easier for Eric, ignoring their own needs and careers. The characters are true to life and their tale is gripping and captivating.

The About the Author section at the end of The Arrangement describes how Cat Grant is “writing about the intimate relationships between men and women, and how love doesn’t always happen the way we expect.” This short statement encapsulates the core of this story. Love often enters our lives when we least expect it, in ways that we could never anticipate. We can only hope that when it happens, we are able to recognize it and embrace it before it is lost forever, as do the characters of the wonderful story.
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