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Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
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Apr 11, 12

Read in April, 2012

Loy Machedo’s Book Review – Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

A highly Anticipated Movie
Amazing Reviews!
Mind boggling hype!
You cannot wait to get your paws on the release!

Once the movie gets released,
you rush off to the theatre,
you sit with you bucket of popcorn,
steaming hot corn bits,
chocolate and sugared poisonous soda
with your eyes wide open,
stuffing your mouth
waiting for the movie to begin…..

And then…..
…..you just sit there with the popcorn stuffed in your mouth
….not moving….
just staring at the screen……
your eyes wide open…..
waiting for something to happen….

And before you know it….
the movie is over …
everyone walks off…..
You sit all alone in the theatre…
you ask yourself….
Was that it?

All this hype….for this???

Well folks, this is exactly my experience with this book.

When you hear someone has sold over 10 million copies,
you obviously expect them to have something worthwhile.
And given a half baked Indian name with the rest being American,
you presuppose with mystery, curiosity and eagerness.

So I was geared up for the book of a lifetime!

I got it.
I opened it.
I searched everywhere for THE moment…
I shook the book
I ran through the pages
I read it slowly…
I buried my nose in it
I put it close to my face
I tried reading it afar…
I tried everything
And then finally….
I closed it.

And then I wondered, what happened?

So here is a summary
1) How to meditate the old fashioned outdated silly way
2) How to sing obnoxious chants to attract the hocus pocus magical powers of the universe
3) How to relax and fall asleep
4) How to forgive morons who have caused you so much havoc that after the trance induction session, you would either shoot them or someone else
5) How to write useless feel-good-goals (I was honestly wondering from where this section came in?) without any plan of action or measurable standards
6) How to contact the mythical gods that Judy Foster in Contact could not and the flying tea-pot circling round the moon.
7) Your Hot-Spots (or energy centers as she puts it. And no, not THAT spot!)
8) How to transfer your goals magically to a Pink Bubble and expect your goals to manifest themselves (I have started to feel hair growing on my bald head)
9) Talking to your monkey-faced guide
10) Finally, How to Creatively Visualize yourself to Madness.

So was there nothing worthwhile?

Okay fine….let me be nice.

I would say there are a few techniques which I do use (and no I am not planning to share them with you). I do alright. But this book is simply outdated because the principles and techniques have been used and overused by new age thinkers, motivational idiots and the so called hypnotherapists and trance-induction & delusional folks.

Don’t get me wrong – But when you have a book that promotes techniques
1) without any means to scientifically measure them,
2) with logical anecdotes that are put out of context (if you go the sub-atomic level, the spaces between atoms are only pure energy, which equals thoughts are energy, which equals energy are things) just to prove a point
3) with tons of claims with magical coincidences and happenings
4) and with no scientific qualification or backing to her claims other than a ‘spiritual’ feeling
What do you expect?

Look, I will agree that I do write my goals and I do put them aside and hope for them to happen. But just because Jim Carrey wrote a Million Dollars Cheque to himself and one day achieved it, does not mean everyone who does it will also get it?
Ask yourself – What about the millions who didn’t cash the cheque?

I remember one nut-job once being interviewed by Scientist Richard Dawkins where she kept chanting some mumbo-jumbo and then doing some mysterious magic so as to give Richard Dawkins an extra DNA strand through the power of her spirits (check my video)

Picture this - Shakti Gawain meeting President Obama and telling him, Visualize yourself taking the right decision….yes…for the economy…..yes….and watching it improve……yes….and now you have achieved it….through the magic cosmic rays of the universe.

Sounds cuckoo right?
(If not, you my friend need a check-up)

So what is my overall analysis of this book?
A polite book which may appeal to losers, brainless zombies, uneducated folks, religious nut-cases and people with low IQ’s. Honestly, I would never again refer this book as everything stated here, I read, experimented and tried many years ago.

Been there, Done that, And Moved On.

Overall Rating – 2 out of 10.
(2 because it brought about memories of my childhood)

Loy Machedo

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Kurt Gielen I guess Jim got it because he believed he would. So he did. And of course because he worked his butt of.

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