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Then Comes Seduction by Mary Balogh
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Apr 11, 2012

it was amazing

OK, I know what you're thinking! 5 stars for a romance novel? And a bodice-ripper at that!? I know, I know! But this was a good one!
Once in awhile I need to read some trashy romance novels-- the kind that I'm embarrassed to bring in public because of the cover. I was on one of these kicks and this was the one that I actually read the entire way through rather than just speed reading & skimming.
Yeah, typical story: mid 1800's, London Ton, the rich & handsome rake who's avoiding marriage at all costs and the one special girl, or course a virgin, who changes his mind. What is the attraction to this time period?! I LOVE watching Masterpiece Theater when they show period pieces like Great Expectations and Pride & Prejudice and I occasionally have to fulfill my need to read about corsets, valets and propriety, even knowing that there's no way in hell I could've thrived in that era.
But back to 'Then Comes Seduction'-- what made this one stick out above the others was that the characters were actually really likable and had depth. The story also had a few twists and turns that were fun to follow rather than being predictable and annoying with too much melodrama.
This was so good that I'm actually interested in checking out the next book in the series.... But I might have to take a break from my romance kick because it puts unrealistic expectations on my wonderful husband :) I finish reading these type of books and my head is in the clouds full of love, expecting to be ravished- haha Easy to dream of and read about: falling in love with a rich & handsome aristocrat who doesn't hold a real job or have kids, an almost perfect guy written by a woman! So after filling my head with all that nonsense, I get unrealistic romantic ideas! My poor, wonderful husband, who's never read a romance novel in his life, is living in reality and has no idea where I'm coming from :) I enjoyed this book a lot but I think I will take a break from romance novels for a while.

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