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When Dreams Come True by Cathy Maxwell
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Apr 11, 12

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Read on April 11, 2012

"When Dreams Come True" was such a sweet historical romance. This edition is a reprint of an older novel (also available as an ebook).

Eden was a young child living in the gutter in a terrible part of London when she is rescued by Madame Indrani who took her in, sheltered her, educated her, and trained her to be an exclusive mistress for a Sultan in the future. Eden is beautiful and smart, but was still an innocent. Her brief respite from life was her chats with the vicar's wife in a beautiful little garden. Eden learns that she is sold to a Sultan to become part of his harem and believes she has no choice. The vicar's wife told her she could take a chance and safe herself and make her destiny basically her own. Eden takes her opportunity aboard a ship that is to take her away once a storm hits.

She ends up in Cornwall, rescued by the Earl of Penhollow, Pierce Kirrier. Pierce is a self made man. Saving his family and title from ruin from a father who was a drunk, and ruined the family fortunes. The servants and townspeople are such a nice cast of secondary characters who helped raise Pierce become the man who he is. And in turn, Pierce takes care of these people. The town believes in a bit of magic and a Widow who does charms. They convince her to make a charm and ask for a wife for Pierce. Once Eden is shipwrecked everyone is convinced that she is the wife they have asked for. Whether a charm or just a gift of hope Eden and Pierce eventually fall in love.

This is just a sweet story with sweet characters and is enjoyable. Even though not everyone is rooting for this couple to get together. Pierce's mother, bitter from her failed marriage and being stuck in the country, decides because they don't know anything about Eden that she isn't good enough for her son. She enlists the help of the fickle, judgmental gentry to thwart any blooming love. But guess what, love does prevail and Pierce's mother does come around.

When Eden first stayed in Pierce's house she took on the guise that she lost part of her memory to not have to explain her past. Something that should have been explained because it wasn't such a big deal. But Eden was too terrified to tell the truth and afraid that Eden would eventually be found and carried away. Once she fell in love and got married she still couldn't be honest with her husband and reveal her past.

The truth comes to light and makes things much more difficult to resolve. Pierce, who is such a good loving man, must decide if Eden is who he wants. There were more twists and turns to this, but I don't want to reveal too much. In the end the HEA is realized to make this book one very enjoyable read. Eden gets what she always wanted, a home, a name, and a loving mann. I recommend this to any historical romance fan that is looking for a good, light story.
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